Graduate Music Advising
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Advising Information for Graduate Music Students

This page should help you keep track of your required courses as you progress through your program. We encourage you to communicate with the graduate coordinator and/or your major advisor if you have any questions along the way.


Graduate Advising Procedures

As you begin your program
  1. The graduate program coordinator will help you determine a major advisor and register for your first semester of courses.
  2. By the end of your first semester, you should complete and submit a Program of Study that will outline all of the required courses you intend to take.
  3. If you decide to take a course that is not on your Program of Study, you may submit a Change of Program of Study at any time (this will require the signatures of your committee members and the music graduate coordinator).
Each semester
  1. Contact your advisor to set-up an advising session during the appropriate times each semester.
  2. Before you meet with your advisor, review your Program of Study to determine the courses you need to take.
  3. Preview the upcoming schedule of classes to create a tentative schedule; including course name, number, and section for each ensemble and course you plan to take.
  4. Bring your tentative schedule with you to your advising session. Your advisor may make recommendations or suggest changes.
  5. After your advising session, your advisor will clear you to register on OneStop. You may then log-on to register at the appropriate time.

Program Sheets

Program sheets list the required courses for each concentration

Semester Plans

Semester Plans list the required courses in a recommended sequence for each concentration



Music Education


Additional Information

If you need help registering on OneStop, visit  How to register through AP OneStop.

Some music courses are only offered on a limited basis. Consult the list of Rotating Music Courses to ensure you enroll in the appropriate courses when they are offered.

Additional graduate advising information is available on the College of Graduate Studies Current Students page.