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Why Major in Mathematics?

Why Mathematics?

Interested in law school?  Major in math!  Mathematics majors score higher (on average) on the LSAT than history majors, political science majors, English majors or economics majors.

Interested in a graduate business degree? Major in math!  Mathematics majors, on average, do very well on the GMAT.

Interested in grad school in engineering or physics?  How about medical school?  A mathematics major is great preparation!

Of course there are also careers in quality control, operations research, and actuarial science, to name a few.  These careers routinely land at or near the top of surveys of job desirability based on environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands and stress level.  (See, for example.)

Check out the  MAA Online Career Profiles webpage for lots of examples of careers in mathematics and related fields.

Why Mathematics at APSU?

  1. Small class size and individual attention from faculty.
  2. Three different options (mathematics, statistics, or mathematic education).
  3. Excellent close-knit college.
  4. Opportunities in undergraduate research with internationally recognized scholars.
  5. Active student orgainizations --the Galois Math Club and the Tennessee Epsilon Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, national mathematics honor society.
  6. Honors courses in mathematics.
  7. Opportunities to attend regional and national conferences.
  8. Opportunities to take the Putnam Exam and to enter the Mathematical Contest in Modeling.
  9. Good record of placing gratudates in good graduate programs.

Here are some quotes from our students:

  • "I  chose a math major because it will help me in optometry school.  I chose Austin Peay becasue the classes are small, and that give me a better chance to communicate with teachers one-on-one.  Also, the professors are always there to help whenever I need them."
  • "I've had a great experience at Austin Peay ... and I love the small classes.  I went to a university with 35,000 students before coming to Austin Peay, and the teachers weren't very accessible.  Here, when I have questions, I can go to teachers and get clarification."
  • "The math faculty are great.  They come from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, which students can use to their advantage.  They are all willing to help increase understanding and knowledge of mathematics, often through challenging coursework.  I love studying math at APSU!"
  • "... one of the best advisors a person could imagine. ... Austin Peay is the best place to study math when you have a great advisor backing you up and guiding you in the right direction along the way." 
  • "Austin Peay is a great place to study math because the faculty is highly knowledgeable and extremely supportive.  Any time I have ever had questions, my professors have taken time out of their busy schedules to help me.... Other attributes of the faculty include enthusiasm, a little bit of dry mathematics humor, passion for mathematics, and positive, caring attitudes..."