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Graduate Assistant Application

Please submit this application, along with a current resume and recommendation form.

Priority deadline for the Fall semester is April 1.
Priority deadline for the Spring semester is November 1.

Select the type of application:
Select the department/area that you are applying. If you are applying to multiple areas, you will have to apply separately each time. If you are unable to locate the department on the drop-down menu, please apply to the College of Graduate Studies and send an email to requesting that your application be sent to that department.
If you are not offered a position in your preferred area, would you be interested in any available graduate assistant position?
If you select this option, you must submit your resume and recommendation to By selecting this option, you are not guaranteed a position, but will be considered for any open positions that come available.
Academic semester/year you are applying for the graduate assistant position?
Please select the academic semester in which you are applying for the assistantship.
Include your A number
Include the current or proposed graduate program at Austin Peay State University.
(semester, year)
Educational Background
If you attended more than one University, please include here.
Please include the GPA from the degree awarding University.