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Technology Committee

Membership 2014-2015:
  • Daniel Frederick, Faculty Representative, Chair
  • David von Palko, Faculty Representative
  • Jim Parker, Faculty Representative
  • Frank Parcells, Faculty Representative
  • Justin Oelgoetz, Faculty Representative
  • Sue Evans, Faculty Representative
  • Joe Jerles, Faculty Representative
  • G. Robert Shelton, Faculty Representative
  • Marissa Chandler, Staff Representative
  • Doug Austin, Staff Representative
  • Stephanie Taylor, Staff Representative (ex officio)
  • Teresa Beyke, Staff Representative
  • Lois Briones, Staff Representative
  • Kenneth Hanley, Student Representative
  • Selena Wilson, Student Representative
  • Mitch Robinson, Vice President for Finance and Administration (ex officio)
  • Tim Hurst, Assistant VP for Finance and Administration (ex officio)
  • Dana Willett, Executive Director, Extended and Distance Education (ex officio)
  • Charles Wall, Director of Information Technology (ex officio)
  • William Cox, Executive Director AP Center at Ft. Campbell (ex officio)
  • Kim Carney, Secretary, Information Technology (ex officio)
  • Donna Johansen, Accounting Services (ex officio)
  • Phillip Voorhees, Disability Services (ex officio)

          The Technology Committee of Austin Peay State University serves as the institution's primary focus for the dissemination of information about technology and for the distribution and implementation of the means for technologically enhanced teaching and learning. The committee has the responsibility for prioritizing technology equipment requests for funding consideration and makes recommendation to the President regarding the use of the technology access fees (TAF) that are consistent with the Three-Year Technology and Five-Year Strategic plans for the University. The committee monitors TAF expenditures to ensure compliance with Tennessee Board of Regents TAF Guidelines.  The committee also has responsibility for reviewing, establishing and maintaining the technology goals, objectives, strategies, and activities in the Austin Peay Five-Year Strategic Plan so that, collectively, they will lead the University to a place of technological excellence and accessibility.


If you have questions, concerns or would like more information about the Technology Committee please contact:  

                         Daniel Frederick