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In recognition of the sacrifice of military service members and their families.... we are here to assist  in moving you forward to a portable career path that is just right for you.  We offer training to pursue professional credentials, industry or national certifications.  We have knowledgeable people available to assist you in making your career decision and how to use your training benefit.  

How Is This Funded?  Thanks to the Department of Defense, Spouses of Active Duty Military Members around the world are able to enjoy a $4,000 career education benefit.  This is a "My Career Advancement Account", better known as MyCAA Scholarship Program.

We are a SECO | Military OneSource partner.   If you are interested in gaining direct approval, people at SECO | MilitaryOnesource are ready to help.

MyCAA Approved Career Training Courses    

Austin Peay State University, in partnership with ProTrainWorld Education, Ed2go and Ed4Online offers online open enrollment programs designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level positions for many in-demand occupations. Start training today! Austin Peay State University, Ed2Go, Ed4Online, TechWriter Certification (JER Online) and World Education can help you start training for a new career or get training to advance in your current career. We offer online, self-paced, open enrollment programs to help you gain the high demand skills needed in today’s workplace.        




MyCAA Approved Courses


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MyCAA Approved Courses


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For School Campus choose either:  Austin Peay State University - Fort Campbell OR Austin Peay State University - Main Campus

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