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University Center Digital Signage Posting Guidelines

The Morgan University Center Signage in the main lobby is to publicize campus events that are sponsored by student groups and departments.  It is not intended to publicize personal events, off campus events, or programs.

Groups may advertise events such as Vote in SGA elections, Vote in Homecoming King and Queen elections, but vote for XYZ candidate is not permitted.  Postings for specific local, regional, state or national are not permitted.

Facilities staff is unable to design or assist in designing of postings.

Information can be submitted as a png, jpeg, or powerpoint document. The display format is 16:9 1280x720.

Submission guidelines

  1. Send to ucinfo@apsu.edu
  2. Allow at least a two (2) business day lead time before posting will show.
  3. Remember to make your content as easy to read as possible. Each slide is visible for 10 seconds at a time.
  4. The University Facilities Staff reserves the right to deny or prevent a postings if it is deemed to violate a Code of Student Code or similar campus guidelines.
  5. List the starting and ending date.
  6. Include contact name, number, and email.