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Parenting Peayple

College is tough- especially when you are also responsible for dependents. Whether you areFam Fest Photo responsible for siblings, grandparents, or children of your own, the A.N.T.S. Center is here to help you be successful while at Austin Peay. 

We have resources and programs created with parenting students in mind. Further, the center can connect you with both on- and off-campus resources. Check out some of our resources or stop by the center to meet with our staff. 


Every month the ANTS Center brings in a professional to focus on a different parenting topic. From building emotional connections to positive discipline, these courses are beneficial to all who are responsible for dependents. 

Needing to print or use a computer? Students are welcome to bring their children to the ANTS Center when studying. We have games, computers, televisions, and art supplies to help entertain your children while you get some work done. Due to the campus policy on minors, you are required to supervise and be with your child at all times they are on campus. However, they are more than welcome in the center. We can also give you swipe access in case you are interested in studying on weekends or in the evenings. 

The A.N.T.S. Center has a designated space available to those breastfeeding 24/7.  Contact the ANTS Center via email- antsc@apsu.edu to receive exclusive swipe access to the center for lactation. This space can also be utilized for other medical purposes that require privacy. For more details on this space, as well as other lactation spaces on campus, please visit this page.

The ANTS Center aims to make all of its programs and events child-friendly. All of our events include a brief description of activities so you can determine if you would like to bring your child. Please remember that this includes dependents as well! We have programs for all ages- from Bob Ross painting events to canoe trips, children of all ages are welcome! If you are the regular caregiver for a sibling, grandchild, etc. then please feel free to bring them as well! All events can be found on our PeayLink and Facebook page. 

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