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Pillar 3: The Employee Experience

Goal 1:

APSU will empower employees to meet their learning and development objectives.

Objective 1: Provide opportunities to enable employees to flourish in or advance their personal and professional development through best practices.
Objective 2: Equip campus leaders with training and support to thrive in their roles while advancing the mission of APSU.

Goal 2:

APSU will support a campus culture where all employees can grow and flourish.

Objective 1: Create a culture of flexibility in response to the evolving workforce to strengthen employee retention and personal well-being while maintaining the vibrancy of the APSU campus. 
Objective 2: Attract, hire, and retain high quality faculty and staff to include underrepresented populations.
Objective 3: Operationalize collaboration and teamwork across units, divisions, and colleges to foster a problem-solving culture.

Goal 3:

APSU will cultivate a culture of connectedness in which employees intentionally engage with students to enrich the campus experience and influence student success.

Objective 1: Actively support students by attending University events.
Objective 2: Build awareness of the impact our work has on the APSU Mission and in the lives of our students.