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Bachelor of Social Work

Major (58 Hours)

The overriding goal is to prepare students for entry-level generalist social work practice. The baccalaureate Social Work Program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. In addition to the 58 semester hours of required Social Work courses, students take 42 semester hours from the University Studies Core and 20 additional semester hours. The following courses from the University University Studies Core are required pre/corequisites for Majors entering social work foundation courses:  

All social work majors must take the major field exam and the ETS Academic Profile as a graduation requirement. No minor is required.

Application and Admission Requirements

Students may declare social work as a major at any time, but requirements for formal admission to the social work program are as follows:

  1. Must be a Social Work major
  2. Completion of two of  the following courses: SW 2110, 3410, or 3420
  3. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0; and,
  4. Identified potential and suitability for the social work profession based on meeting criteria below.

Transfer students and other students who have completed two years or more before selecting social work as their major must apply to the department as soon as they meet the requirements. However, students who do not decide on social work as their major by the beginning of their sophomore year, may not be able to finish degree requirements within four years.

Apply to the Social Work Program

Suitability Requirements

Identified criteria to be considered are:

  1. Consistent class attendance and the ability to meet deadlines.
  2. Demonstration of appropriate interpersonal relationship and communication skills, including communicating acceptance, empathy, warmth, genuineness, respect, and positive valuing of diversity.
  3. Emotional stability evidenced by adequate coping capacity, emotional control and growing self-awareness of strengths and limitations.
  4. Commitment to the mission of social work and to acquisition of the professional knowledge, value and skill base.

The Social Work program reserves the right to remove students from the program, if necessary. See the Social Work Student Handbook for details and appeals process.

Application for Field Practicum

Students who have completed all of the required social work courses apply for the Field Practicum during the semester before they anticipate doing their practicum.  They must take SW 4400-Seminar for Field Instruction in the semester prior to the Field Practicum.  Students must also be emotionally and psychologically suited for the field as determined by the Field Practicum Director. The determination of when students may enroll for the Field Practicum will be based on the number of hours needed to graduate with priority given to those who need the fewest hours, and in case of ties then highest grade point average. See the Social Work Student Handbook for details and appeals process. The Field Practicum (4410, 4411) is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students in the Practicum must not register for any other courses (except SW 4720, Senior Seminar), and will work full days at field agencies four days a week and attend the Field Seminar for three hours one day a week. Students must provide their own transportation to and from social service agencies as assigned by the Field Practicum Director. Students must join the National Association of Social Workers and purchase liability insurance.

Transfer Students

The Chair of the Social Work Department reviews the evaluated transcripts of all transfer students. The only courses that will substitute for required courses are University Studies core requirements and SW 2110-Introduction to Social Work, unless the student transfers from an accredited social work program. No credit is awarded for life or work experience.