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Retirement is an exciting but stressful time. While many look forward to new goals and activities, they may also feel the loss of contact with colleagues and of being part of university life. To help those anticipating retirement and those who have retired from Austin Peay State University deal with these issues, the Austin Peay State University Retirement Association (APSURA) was formed. For most members, the continued contact with other retirees and colleagues still employed was the primary reason to be part of APSURA. To see the many ways APSURA supports and benefits current and future retirees click below. 


  • Providing opportunities for retirees to gather together through diverse social, cultural, educational, and intellectual programs. 
  • Providing networking opportunities through events, dinners, tours, trips, and community activities.
  • Sharing research being conducted by retirees.
  • Providing retirees ways to be of voluntary service to the University and larger Clarksville community.
  • Promoting, protecting, supporting, and advocating for the interests, rights, needs, and welfare of persons who retire from Austin Peay State University.  
  • Helping retirees successfully deal with the retirement process, both during their retirement year and beyond.
  • Contributing to the development and welfare of the University and its mission and goals.
  • Providing pertinent information for retirees on privileges, finances, benefits, health insurance, and pre-retirement planning.
  • Providing timely and interesting information to retirees through the APSURA Newsletter
  • Informing retirees of major changes in administration, curriculum, and priorities of the University. 
  • Providing access to the resources of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education https://www.arohe.org/ of which APSURA is a member.
  • Providing Austin Peay State University the benefit of the accumulated wisdom of the retirees.

Retirees of the University are entitled to the following benefits:

  1. Austin Peay State University identification card for retiree.
  2. The All State - Current retirees may receive The All State upon request made at retirement. The All State is located online, on campus, and in the community.
  3. Use of Library - Retirees enjoy many of the same services that current faculty and staff receive for the Library. These services are described on the Library’s website: http://library.apsu.edu/.
  4. Use of Recreational Facilities - Austin Peay State University retiree identification card permits the retiree, spouse, and dependents to use the outdoor tennis courts. The retiree, spouse, and dependents may use facilities in the Foy Fitness Center such as racquetball courts, weight room, etc. The retiree pays no monthly fee. The spouse and dependents may use the facility at the same rate as those of current employees.
  5. Parking Decal - Parking decals with no expiration date will be provided to retirees. The Office of Human Resources will provide these decals upon retirement and upon request to those who have not previously received a decal or if the decal has become lost or damaged.
  6. Tickets to Athletic Events – The retiree will be provided 2 season tickets in general seating at the same rate as current faculty and staff.
  7. Tickets to University Sponsored Concerts - Retirees will receive tickets at the same rate as current faculty and staff to University sponsored concerts and other University functions.
  8. Post Office Box - A box will be furnished upon availability at the current rate charged to current faculty and staff.
  9. Bookstore Discount – A discount of 20% is available at the Anne Ross Bookstore. Exclusions apply, including but not limited to textbooks and sale items.
  10. Free Notary Services – The Office of Human Resources will provide free notary services by appointment to all retirees. A photo ID is required, and the document must be signed in front of a Notary.
  11. Meal Plans – Sodexo meal plans will be available to retirees at the same rate available to current faculty and staff.
  12. E-Mail – University e-mail accounts may be continued upon request by the retiring employee.
  13. APSU Retirees Association – A one-year free membership in the APSU Retirees Association is available for the fiscal year (July to June) immediately following retirement. Retirees must complete and submit a membership form to the APSU Retirees Association. Thereafter to retain membership the retiree is responsible for membership dues at the current rate.
  14. Bus Pass – A bus pass may be requested and issued to the retiree to ride the Clarksville City Transit for no cost. Contact the Office of Human Resources in order to obtain a pass.

How to become a member

All retired employees and their spouses or partners and spouses or partners of deceased employees are eligible for membership. In addition, former employees with service to the University who are retired from other institutions or businesses are also eligible for membership with their spouses and partners.

To join print off and complete this physical membership form OR complete the online form.

APSURA Board meetings

Meetings of the APSURA Board of Directors are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month at 3 p.m. (CST) at the Pace Alumni Center at Emerald Hill.  To confirm if a meeting is scheduled please contact Sharon Silva, silvas@apsu.edu.  

Recent Projects / Presentations

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