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Frequently Asked Questions

 Visit the Radiography page https://www.apsu.edu/rad-tech/radiography/ for application and core classes. 

You may also contact Jennifer Thompson, Program Director at thompsonjl@apsu.edu

Explain the difference between the concentrations.

Radiography-Radiography is the art and science of using radiation to provide images of the tissues, organs, bones, and vessels that comprise the human body.  Radiologists, physicians who have had special training in interpreting diagnostic images, read or diagnose these images. Diagnostic outcomes of a patient depends on the accurate and precise production of radiographic images. Radiographers provide the highest level of patient care and safety. 

Nuclear Medicine- 3+1 program with Vanderbilt Nuclear Medicine Technology Program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. You will receive a certificate from Vanderbilt (not Vanderbilt University) and a Bachelors of Science from APSU. Vanderbilt University Medical Center does not recognize the FAFSA program. Transfer students are welcome, but 30 credits must be from APSU. 

General Radiologic Science- A degree built for students who do not get in to their selected modality, radiologic technologists who has their associates degree, or those who wish to pursue a modality such as sonography at another institution. 

Do I have to apply to the program?

Yes. Go to https://www.apsu.edu/rad-tech/radiography/ for the application

How do I register for classes?

First be advised by your advisor, then follow the instructions of the registration guide: How to register? https://www.apsu.edu/registrar/resources/APOnestopRegistrationInformation.pdf

I contacted my advisor and have not gotten a reply.

Give them 48 business hours (M-F) If no reply forward the message again.  You have not been ignored .

Can I take Math 1730 and  Physics 2010, 2011 right away?

Your math course level depends on your ACT score. Most will need to take Math 1710 enhanced first

Radiography requires Physics 1010/1011 and Physics 1020/1021, while nuclear medicine requires Physics 2010/2011 and Physics 2020/2021

You must have Math 1730 before you can begin your physics 2000 sequence

Before you can take any science,  you must have cleared all deficiencies by taking your enhanced courses. 

I keep getting an error message when I register for science, what am I doing wrong?

Read the paragraph above. If you have met all those requirements, register for all sciences together. Lab and lecture must be registered for a the SAME time. If you schedule using the schedule planner, you should be ok. If not, you might need departmental approval. Contact the administrative assistant for their department's class. 

I passed the lab but failed the lecture, what do I do?

Call the class's department and ask for a lab/lecture waiver. You will only need to take the one you failed. 

What grades must I have to apply?

You must have a 2.5 GPA and all course must have a "C" or better. Prerequisites can be found here: https://www.apsu.edu/rad-tech/radiography/pdf_files/RadiographyCoreRequirements.pdf

Is the program competitive?

Yes. We can only take the number of students that our clinical sites allow.  This number can fluctuate between cohorts.  At the current time, we expect to take 21 for the 2026 cohort. 

Are there any medical requirements?

Yes, you must provide immunity for varicella, measles, mumps, rubella and Hep b.  If you are not immune you will need to begin the vaccination sequence for the specific immunity. You must have a DTAP within the last 10 years, flu vaccine and a TB skin test yearly.  Other medical requirements may be added as clinic requirements change. 

Is medical insurance required?

Yes, all students must have medical insurance

Is travel required?

Yes, clinics sites are located within a 1.5 hour drive of APSU.  Students must have dependable transportation, a drivers license, and car insurance. A list of clinical sites can be found here: https://www.apsu.edu/rad-tech/radiography/clinicinformation.php.  Students do not pick there clinic site rotations.

You are also required to attend the yearly Tennessee Society of Radiologic Technologists Meeting in your junior and senior year. It occurs in various cities in Tennessee and you will need to stay at least one night if not within driving distance.  

What will my schedule be like?

We are a 24 month program. You will have a full credit load in the summer, spring and fall. Clinic is schedule 7-5 and classes range in times but 8-3 is typical. Attendance is mandatory. The student handbook describes the attendance policy for lecture and clinic. 

What extra fees are expected when I am accepted?

Above tuition there are several fees within the program. You can see a list here: https://www.apsu.edu/rad-tech/radiography/estimated_expenses.php   Tuition is found here: https://www.apsu.edu/student-account-services/tuition_and_fees/index.php/index.php

I really only want to do CT or MRI, do you have a program for those modalities?

We do not currently have a CT or MRI program. In order to perform CT, you must have a primary modality to start with, radiography is a great choice. Most MRI programs require an ARRT certification before entry. 

For more information contact the Radiography Program Director:
Jennifer Thompson Ed.D., MSM, BSRT(R)(QM)