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Media Relations

We serve media colleagues by helping them find information and meet their deadlines, and we are the official resource for media inquiries.

Media relations for Faculty, Staff and Students:

Whenever you are contacted by media regarding university information, you should refer them to our office. If you are being contacted as an expert in your field of teaching or research, we encourage you to do so, but let us know. Additionally, we encourage you to share accomplishments, stories and anything you think others may be interested in by letting us know with this news tip form. We will assess the information and decide what outlets may be interested in pursuing the information you provide. It is important that we serve as the central source so our media colleagues are not overwhelmed with information. Newsworthy items may include, but are not limited to:


If you have an event, or timely information that you may think may be of interest to media, it is critical that you submit details at least four weeks before the event. We often publicize events regionally as well as locally, and many newspapers in this area publish weekly, which means we have to prepare information ahead of time in order to meet their publication deadlines.

You may request specific publications and distribution dates for publicity about your event, but we cannot guarantee that it will run on specified dates in specified publications. Unlike paid advertising, the news releases, photos and video we send on a regular basis are free services available to the media to use as they need. We cannot guarantee that any press releases we prepare and distribute will be printed or broadcast. 

Reporters, Journalists and News organizations:

If you are with the media, we encourage you to contact our news and communication team, and we’ll work to get the information you need is accurate and provided in a timely manner. Please contact:


Bill Persinger, executive director

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Crisis and Emergency Communication

Crisis communication is a coordinated function of the PR and Marketing office’s communication team that is initiated by Campus Police, the President, Provost or Vice President for Finance and Administration. There are two types of crisis communication functions:

Media contacts in crisis or emergency situations

Media representatives will need to contact the PR and Marketing office for details and updates during emergency or crisis situations.

Bill Persinger, executive director