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guillochelonic Column


A Journal of Undergraduate Research in Classics


Publication Policies

1. Submissions already published elsewhere or under consideration for publication elsewhere are not eligible for consideration for Philomathes. It is the responsibility of the author to inform the editorial board of such a situation.

2. The author of the submission must be a current undergraduate or have recently graduated (within one year of graduation) in order for the submission to be considered. NB submissions must have been written when the author was an undergraduate.

3. Submission deadline is Friday, 15 December 2023.

4. Submissions are limited to one article per student per issue.

5. Authors of accepted manuscripts will assign to Philomathes the permanent right to electronically distribute the article.

6. Articles are copyrighted by their respective authors, but if published after electronic appearance, Philomathes will be acknowledged as the initial locus of publication.

7. Submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria: quality of research, creativity, depth of inquiry, quality of prose, and original insight.

8. The editors of Philomathes reserve the right to make light editorial changes in any manuscript accepted for publication for the sake of style or clarity. The editor will inform the author only in the case of substantial changes.

9. Authors will be notified of the decision of the editorial board by 31 January 2024.