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Helpful Tips for Online Courses

  • Online courses are designated with a “W” in the section (ex. BIOL 1010 W1) and will be viewable in D2L the first day of classes.  This means if classes start on August 22, your online courses will be available in D2L on August 22. If you registered for a course after the first day of classes, it will not be visible in D2L until the following day.
  • Compare the courses you registered for in AP OneStop to your courses listed in D2L.  If you are not registered in AP OneStop, the course will not show up in D2L.  If you are registered, contact Distance Education Support at online@apsu.edu or 931-221-6625. 
  • Read the syllabus and course schedule for all classes the first day and address any concerns/conflicts with the instructor IMMEDIATELY.
  • Take note of due dates.  If you keep a personal calendar, add your course due dates so you can stay organized in one place.  Now that you have your due dates, plan ahead and avoid overbooking yourself.
  • Get started with your classes!
  • Check in with your courses in D2L often to keep up with discussions, view new content, and stay up to date with deadlines.  It is easy for online courses to become "out of sight, out of mind" and before you know it you are behind and struggling to catch up.  Check your AP email frequently.  Your AP email address is where the university will send important information including communications from your advisor. 
  • Ask for help as soon as you need it, DO NOT WAIT!  Your support system includes your classmates, instructors, advisor, academic department, university support offices as well as your family and friends.  Also, you don't have to need something to reach out.  Getting connected to your peers, faculty, and the university is important.
  • The university has many support offices for students.  A couple with particular importance are the Learning Resource Center and the Woodward Library.
  • Get familiar with the academic calendar, bulletins and student handbook
  • Get connected through social media.
  • Meeting with your advisor to discuss courses for the next semester is required.  Be prepared by running your own degree evaluation anytime.  
  • Use caution when accessing public WiFi hotspots, as they are often insecure. When accessing sensitive information, such as classes and personal business, it is best to use a private or home connection.
  • Many of D2L’s software components require your computer to be up-to-date. Make sure to update your operating system, browser, Java, and Flash as needed.