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Classics Day returns to Austin Peay after two years

Dr. Stephen Kershner talks with high school students during Classics Day.

Classics Day, which took place on Nov. 10 at Austin Peay State University, is an annual event hosted by the National Classics Honor Society, Eta Sigma Phi and APSU’s Ancient Mediterranean Club, that brings about 130 high school students from Montgomery County and Nashville to campus for a day of activities centered on the languages of the ancient world. Throughout the day, APSU faculty members and students gave lectures on their studies and participated in craft making and games centered around the classical societies of Greece and Rome.

Dr. Stephen Kershner, assistant professor of classics, was eager to host the in-person event after a two-year halt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re trying to expand the reach of students who come to this event and hopefully in the future students from all over Tennessee can join us for this day of learning all about what Classics entails!” he said. “Classics is one of the oldest college disciplines, along with law and theology, where in the 20th century was an interdisciplinary major and where they study all different sorts of elements of people such as languages, literature, studying archeological evidence and philosophy.”

Classics Days started in 1998 when Dr. Tim Winters originally started up the program with just six students.

“This wouldn’t be possible without the undergraduate Classics majors,” Kershner said. “They have all come together despite this not being something they have done before but came and showed out with hosting the activity rooms and they all crushed it. It wouldn’t have been possible without my students, and I’m very proud of the work they have put into this event. “

Honors students and Classics majors hosted different activities during the day, including a panel discussion where high school students had the opportunity to ask any questions with Classics majors at APSU.

“It allows you to develop critical thinking skills as well as helping you gain a new perspective on life and get students interested in joining Austin Peay and becoming interested in the Classics program and Latin and Greek courses that are offered here on campus,” Sara Lusk, APSU Honors student and Eta Sigma Phi member, said.

“There are currently only 23 Classics majors on campus, and we really want to spread information on the program and help educate interested students so they are ready and can major in Classics here at APSU in the future,” Cindy Castellan, Honors student and Classics major, said. “We really want to promote what Classics is and this is a huge way to do that with our Classics event so we’re hoping this can help increase the amount of people taking these courses in the department, so the study of Classics stays alive!”

For more information on the Classics Program visit:  https://www.apsu.edu/classics/.

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