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Student Spotlight: Stanley pursues second master’s degree to enhance technical skills, work remotely and focus on family

Stanley Chinedu Okoro.

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - Stanley Chinedu Okoro has had a successful career as an engineer, project manager and business analyst, leading teams in information technology and telecommunications for over 15 years.

Despite his accomplishments, Stanley recognized the importance of keeping up with the fast-paced market and staying competitive. As a result, he decided to pursue further education at Austin Peay State University.

“In 2019, I made the decision to take a break from work and pursue further education to improve my value in the job market,” he said. “This decision was predicated on two main reasons; to hone my skills and stay updated with the latest developments in IT and telecoms, data and business analytics, while also having quality time for family and my start-ups.”

In 2021, Stanley successfully earned an MBA, but he recognized the need to enhance his technical abilities to work remotely and balance his family responsibilities. Hence, the search for a suitable school.

“I gained more clarity and ultimately made the decision to pursue a second master’s degree in data analytics at Austin Peay State University,” he said. “Following further consultations and diligent review, I decided to major in mathematical finance, with the aim of broadening my knowledge scope in financial analysis and risk management.”

Stanley is passionate about raising his children and wants them to be well-rounded. He places great importance on being present for his family, particularly in raising his children for excellence in all aspects. He is enthusiastic about this pursuit and determined to achieve his goals.

“I have four children under my care,” he said. “This is one of the major reasons why I decided to move towards remote work, where I can have more time for the children. They are my greatest motivation, and it is my desire to give them the best.

‘People were welcoming’ 

Stanley found Austin Peay State University to be an ideal fit for his interests and goals. He emphasized that the faculty and community at the university were accommodating and encouraging, which held significant value for him and his family.

“When comparing different schools, I discovered something that stood out to me about the environment at Austin Peay State University,” he said. “The people were particularly welcoming. Upon arriving, even strangers were eager to assist me with information and they did so with a smile.”

“I’m delighted to be here, and I have no regrets,” Stanley said. “I’m content with the wonderful people I've encountered here and the professors who have been incredibly supportive. Choosing to attend Austin Peay has been an excellent decision for me.”

Stanley is pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science & Quantitative Methods/Mathematical Finance and aims to graduate in May 2024. 

More about Stanley

Prior to his enrollment at Austin Peay, Stanley served as the business development lead and strategy manager for Nokia Networks in the Middle East and Africa.

Currently, works as a graduate teaching assistant at Austin Peay and a Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) leader responsible for leading mathematics and statistics workshops at the Austin Peay Center at Fort Campbell. In addition to his academic responsibilities, Stanley is an entrepreneur and operates two startup businesses – Stanrommy Limited, a company that focuses on application development and brand management, and Etam Avitat Services Limited, a company specializing in aviation services and management.