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Resident Services

FREE Laundry Services

Twenty-four-hour laundry rooms are located in all halls and apartments. State-of-the-art, Maytag washers and dryers are available to students at no charge. Don't forget to bring your washing detergent and dryer sheets.

FREE High-Speed Internet Connection

Internet connections are available for each student in every residence. We've set up each room with enough network connections for each student to have a dedicated line. Just bring your own network cable and plug in. Still not impressed? Feel free to utilize the FREE Wi-Fi network. Students are expected to adhere to all APSU policies, procedures and guidelines for network usage.

FREE Cable 

Halls and apartments receive free extended (non-premium) cable television service. 

Private Rooms

There are a limited number of private rooms available on a first-come, first-served basis. Blount hall and Harvill hall for Freshmen.  For upperclassmen, Hand Village consists of 4 private rooms in a 4 person suite. Students may also request private rooms during Housing's Great Change Day. Private rooms obtained during Great Change Day are guaranteed for the semester of the change only. Student will be charged a private room rate for the semester.

Other Housing and Campus Services

Trained residence hall staff make regular rounds of residence halls, and are on call 7pm-8am, seven days a week, to help meet student needs. Lobby areas in each hall and apartment are equipped with vending machines and televisions, where students can meet and study together. Also, kitchen areas with stoves and microwaves are available in each hall. Campus police are on duty 24 hours a day, and can be contacted quickly via an emergency phone number. Meal plans are available to all residents and commuters. Dining options include Cafe dining, fast-food-style dining in the Food Court and Subway, Starbucks and Einsteins, and a convenience store. For more information about Dining Services, call (931) 221-7474 or visit: Dining Services

Summer Camps and Conferences

Certain APSU residence halls are open during the summer to host summer camps and conferences. We offer a variety of options, which can be tailored to meet needs of each group. During conferences, halls are supervised by a conference assistant -- a student housing staff member. This assistant is available to help with housing-related issues from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. each day the building is occupied, as well as aiding in check-in and check-out. Visit our Camps and Conferences area or call the Housing office at (931) 221-7444 for more information about conference rates, rules and regulations and the conference period.