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Community Conduct History Overview

In an effort to be transparent and hold our groups to the highest standards, the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs has made a commitment to share information regarding our community’s conduct history beginning in Fall 2017. Conduct history will remain on this page for three (3) years. 

Any registered student organization may be given a warning, reprimand, placed on probation, suspension, or restriction or may have its registration withdrawn by the Dean of Students, or by a Student Affairs Administrator appointed by the Senior Student Affairs Officer. Organizations within our Fraternity & Sorority community who have violated the Student Code of Conduct and have been placed on probation, suspension, or restriction are listed on this page and updated regularly.

This webpage is updated at least three weeks after the conduct process is completed. As of April 19, 2023, this website is up-to-date.




Suspended Organizations

Suspension. If a student or student organization is suspended, he/she or the organization is separated from APSU for a stated period of time with conditions for readmission stated in the notice of suspension. 
In cases of serious or repeated misconduct, a student organization’s University registration may be revoked. These organizations are not recognized by the University. No one should be acting on behalf of these organizations (i.e. collecting dues, hosting events or recruiting members). Individuals should not be joining or be attending events with suspended organizations; student groups should not be co-hosting events with suspended organizations.
Chapter Council Suspension End Date
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc** NPHC Spring 2024


* See "Individual Organization Conduct" for detailed conduct history by organization

** In a joint decision, the chapter had its privileges revoked by the National Headquarters and received a Loss of Recognition from the University.



Any student or registered student organization placed on probation will be notified of such in writing, either in hard copy or electronic, and will also be notified of the terms and length of probation. Probation may include restrictions upon the extracurricular activities of a student or registered student organization. Any conduct in violation of these rules while on probationary status or the failure to comply with the terms of the probationary period may result in the imposition of a more serious disciplinary sanction. 
Probation prohibits a student organization from sponsoring or participating in or hosting specified social activities or participating in University-affiliated activities (e.g., Homecoming, Peaynk Week, the NPHC Step Show, etc.)


Chapter Council ProbationEnd Date
Alpha Gamma Rho IFC October 2, 2020
Alpha Tau Omega IFC October 2, 2020
Kappa Alpha Order IFC October 2, 2020
Pi Kappa Alpha IFC March 1, 2021
Alpha Gamma Rho IFC January 1, 2022
Pi Kappa Alpha IFC January 1, 2022
Kappa Alpha Order IFC March, 1, 2022
Alpha Tau Omega IFC January 1, 2023

* See "Individual Organization Conduct" for detailed conduct history by organization



A restriction upon a student’s or registered student organization’s privileges for a period of time may be imposed. This restriction may include, but is not limited to, the following: denial of the right to represent APSU in any way, denial of the use of APSU facilities and/or parking privileges, restriction of participation in extracurricular activities, restriction of organizational privileges including registration, and restriction of the transfer of academic credit from another institution.


Chapter Council RestrictionEnd Date

* See "Individual Organization Conduct" for detailed conduct history by organization