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Alex King III

B. Alex King


Physics, Engineering and Astronomy

B.A., Physics and Chemistry, Austin College, Sherman

Texas M.S., Physics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

Ph.D., Physics (High-Energy Physics Theory), the University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. King joined the APSU faculty in the fall of 2000 with a background in computational high-energy physics theory. Since joining APSU, Dr. King has been PI or Co-PI on over 30 funded external grants through the National Science Foundation, the Tennessee Department of Education, and the Tennessee Space Grant for a total of over $2.8M. As Chair of the Department of Physics, Engineering, & Astronomy, he led the establishment of the BSE in Engineering Physics in 2017, APSU's first engineering program. Dr. King also serves as the Director for the Tennessee Governor's School for Computational Physics at APSU. The Governor's School is a 3-week summer program for exceptional high-school juniors and seniors that introduces them to the physics, mathematics, and computer science necessary to model real-world engineering problems with a computer.
Applied quantum mechanics and mathematical physics. 

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