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Student Mail Info

Mailing Address

Students are able to have both letters and packages sent to their campus address. How you give your  mailing address can affect the speed at which the mail reaches you. If some information is left out then it could take an extra day or more for your mail to arrive. Below are some tips to make sure your mail arrives when it is supposed to. 

  • Use first and last name listed on your APSU ID. 
  • If using a nickname or preferred name please make sure APSU Post Office has the information for their records.
  • If packages are coming in under a different name such as your parents then please let the Post Office staff know ahead of time. 
  • Always include your Campus Address.
  • Below is the format for a campus address: (place your campus address number where the # symbol is.)
"First Name" "Last Name"
15 Govs Ln # 
            Clarksville, TN 37044
  • Please do NOT include your A number when ordering packages.
  • Other personal information, other than your phone number can be dangerous to include on mailing label. Please be cautious of the possibility of Identity theft. 



Where can I pick up my mail /packages

Any mail/packages received for a student will be stored in new smart lockers. After 4 days the mail/packages will be pulled out of smart lockers and stored in the Post Office and can be picked up at service window. Students also have the option to sign up for text message notifications each year so that they can be notified by text as well as email. Students have access to the smart lockers any time that the Morgan University Center is open.

I'm not receiving the package emails, what do I do?

The first thing to do is check your junk folder. If you have been deleting the emails from the post office without opening them first then the system will start putting them in the junk folder automatically. If you still can not find any package emails then let the Post Office staff know. It might be as simple as a typo in your email address in the package system. 

I'm an APSU Student but don't live in housing, can I get a Campus Address?

Yes! APSU Students who live off campus can pay each semester to have a campus address. The cost to activate a campus address for students is $15.00 a semester. To keep the address active all year long you would pay 3 times a year (Fall, Spring, and Summer.) Payment can only be accepted for one semester at a time and the charge is non refundable.

Can faculty and staff rent a PO Box?

Yes! Faculty and staff can rent PO Boxes for $10.00 for one month, $30.00 for six months or $50.00 for one year. 

If I leave residence housing or the University what should I do? 

Contact APSU Post office by email with the your new address so mail/packages can be sent to the new address.  APSU Post office can only forward USPS mail/packages to the new address. All other will have to be returned to sender unless the student makes arrangements to pick up.

Can I get a U.S. passport here?

Unfortunately, the APSU Post Office does not offer any Passport services at this time. Two locations nearby that do are:

Clarksville Main Post Office
2031 Wilma Rudolph Blvd
Clarksville, TN 37040
USPS Passport
Montgomery County Clerks Office
350 Pageant Lane, Ste 502
Clarksville, TN 37040
Phone: 931-648-5711
Montgomery County Clerks Office Passport


Can I get Notary Services here?

The APSU Post Office does not offer Notary Services at this time.