Political Science Faculty
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 Political Science and Public Management Faculty

                 Dr. Abedin                               


Dr. Najmul Abedin, Professor

Ph.D., University of Durham
Office: FCC 215
Phone: 931-221-1466

dr. anna gregg

Dr. Anna Gregg, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Office: Clement 143 G
Phone: 931-221-6389

Dr. Kenney

Dr. Matthew Kenney, Department Chair and Professor

Ph.D., Tulane University


Office: Clement 151
Phone: 931-221-6398

 Dr. Lyle-Gonga

Dr. Marsha Lyle-Gonga, Professor

Ph.D., Walden University
Office: Clement 159

 Dr. Ogbonna

Dr. Chinyere Ogbonna-McGruder, Professor

Ph.D., Tennessee State University
Office: Clement 114
Phone: 931-221-7763


Dr. John Phillips, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Brown University
Office: Clement 143 E
Phone: 931-221-6894

 Dr. Prescott

Dr. James Prescott, Professor

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Office: FCC 213
Phone: 931-221-1469

 Dr. Starnes

Dr. Becky Starnes, Professor

Ph.D., Auburn University
Office: Clement 112
Phone: 931-221-1027

 Dr. Zaman

Dr. Mohammed Waheeduzzaman, Professor

Ph.D., Kent State University
Office: FCC 212
Phone: 931-221-1449

 Dr. Young

Dr. Harold Young, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Georgia State University
Office: Clement 143 A
Phone: 931-221-7059


Emeritus Faculty

David Kanervo, Ph.D. 

Adjunct Faculty

Charles Butts (Public Management)

Courses Taught: Organizational Theory & Behavior

Email: buttsc@apsu.edu 

Carmen Grissom (Public Management)

Courses Taught: Organizational Theory & Behavior, Weapons of Mass Destruction,

Email: grissomc@apsu.edu

Brandi L. Jones (Political Science) 

Courses Taught: Civil Trial and Appellate Practice, Juvenile Law, Family Law

Email: jonesbl@apsu.edu                                       

Deanna Kasitz  (Political Science)                                                                           

Courses Taught: American National Government, Intro to Public Policy              

Email: kasitzd@apsu.edu

Michael Kasitz (Public Management)

Courses Taught: Continuity of Organization Operations

Email: kasitzm@apsu.edu

Julia North, J.D. (Political Science) 

Courses Taught: American Constitutional Law I & II, Family Law, Women and the Law, Torts, Intro to Law, Legal Research, Legal Writing, Intro to Legal Assistance & Ethics

Email: northj@apsu.edu

Paula Turner (Political Science) 

Courses Taught: American National Government, International Politics, Terrorism & Counter Terrorism, U.S. Defense Policy, and Power, Morality, & International Relations

Email: turnerp@apsu.edu

Shelia Williams (Political Science)                                                                         

Courses Taught: Intro to Legal Assistance & Ethics, Legal Research, Legal Writing                                                                                          

Email: williamssl@apsu.edu