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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Physical Plant hours of operations?

  • The Physical Plant is open from 8:00am until 4:30pm.

How do I place a work order?

Does Physical Plant handle the cable connections?

  • No, you will need to call 1-866-440-2003.

Does Physical Plant work on the washer and dryers in the dorms?

  • No, you will need to call Housing at 221-7444.

How do I get paper for the copier?

  • Paper for the copier must be requested by placing a work order through the Physical Plant Work Order System. (Note: Use problem type "Delivery" for paper delivery. Max of five (5) cases of paper can be ordered. Also a Request for Expenditure Transfer/Correction will need to be filled out prior to paper being released from the warehouse. This is not considered an emergency work order.)

How do I request a key for a building/office/classroom?

  • Please use the Key Request Form to request keys. (Note: Key requests for student workers/graduate assistants must have the signature of the Department Dean or Vice President.)

How do I request a nameplate or department sign?

  • Nameplates or department signs can be requested by placing a work order through the Phsyical Plant Work Order System. (Note: Use problem type "Signage." Please give color, size and correct spelling of sign being requested.)

What do I need to do to reserve a vehicle?

  • Call 221-7039 and see if a vehicle is available on the date you want it; fill out the vehicle request form located on Physical Plant’ web site and have your Dean/Department Head sign as “Approved by” before sending to Physical Plant.

What are the charges to use a Motor Pool vehicle?

  • You are charged for mileage only for cars & mini vans @ $ .52 per mile and large vans @ $ .54 per mile. The bus is $3.00 per mile plus a driver rate of $16.46 per hour.

What is the shipping address for the University?

  • Austin Peay State University’s shipping address is 681 Summer Street, Clarksville, TN 37040

How do I get a student package?

  • All UPS and FedEx packages are received in Central/Receiving located in the Shasteen building, behind Governor’s Stadium. At 1:00 pm, all student packages are carried to the University Post Office where they place a notice in your mailbox.

How do I return or ship a package?

  • Label with complete street address (no P.O. Box number). A university account number is needed to charge the shipping charge to. Please attach information for Physical Plant, if package is insured and the amount of the insurance. (Note: Physical Plant cannot ship out student or personal packages – they have to be shipped through the APSU post office.)

How do I turn in surplus property?

  • A work order must be submitted for the moving crew to pick up surplus equipment and deliver to the warehouse. (Note: Office of Information Technology must release Computers before being they can be sent to the warehouse.)

What are the hours I can pick up surplus merchandise?

  • Merchandise can be picked up by appointment between 8:00 am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday by except on Holidays.

How do I find out what surplus items are available?

  • Call the Inventory Supervisor for an appointment to check the warehouse.

 When are the recyclables in my building collected?

  • Most buildings are serviced by GCA.  The recycling containers in each building are generally emptied twice a week.  Click <here> for the current schedule.

When is my building cleaned?

  • Most buildings are services by GCA.  Common cleaning tasks are completed daily, twice a week or weekly.  Click <here> for the typical schedule of cleaning tasks.