Beginning Ukulele
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Group Ukulele Classes

Registration is now open for the spring semester.

Space is limited so register soon to reserve your spot.  

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This is a wonderful opportunity for homeschool students in Middle Tennessee and Kentucky who are interested in learning to play a "fretted" string instrument in a group setting. Class times are currently TBA for the fall semester. The cost is $35.00 for the first child, and $25.00 for each additional sibling. We hope you will join us in this exciting opportunity.


The Ukulele class is taught by APSU undergraduate music education major René Villarreal. Rene is a guitar major and has extensive performance and teaching experience including the APSU summer 2016 guitar camp.


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Why should my child play Ukulele?

While the ukulele has a history, purpose, and culture all its own, it is also commonly accepted as the "training wheels" for learning to play guitar. Its smaller size and tuning alow for younger children with smaller hands to begin learning finger dexterity, musical literacy, chord structures, and musical accompaniment on an instrument that is more suited for their size and ability, and that will easily transfer to guitar as musicianship develops. It is also a much more affordable instrument than most beginning-level guitars.

Additional Information

Where can I buy or rent instruments in the Middle-Tennessee area?

Click here to view our list of local music retailers and suppliers.

What brand or type of instrument do I need to get?

Musical instruments come in a wide range of quality from beginner to professional-grade. Sometimes, cheaper instruments are built with such poor quality that they are difficult to play, even for experienced musicians. Therefore it is important to get a good quality, beginner-level instrument that is in top condition, without spending excessive amounts of money on an advanced-level instrument. For good quality, beginner-level instruments, we suggest the brands and model numbers below. The usual cost for a beginner-level ukulele is around $50.00 (Note: This list is included as a resource, not as an endorsement or promotion of any brand, product, supplier, or company)

I have an old instrument. Will it work for my child?

If you already have an instrument, we encourage you to have its quality and condition evaluated by a professional before you hand it over to your son or daughter. Usually, an instrument that has been sitting in your attic for 20 years may not be the best instrument for a beginner. If you have an older instruments, inspect to see that the wood is not cracked, and that the tuning pegs turn easily. It is also recommended  that you have the strings replaced before class begins.

What else will I need to purchase?

All students will need an instructional book: The Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book 1. Eventually, you will need to purchase a collection of picks. Finally, you may also choose to purchase a music stand for home practice, and a case for your child's instrument. All of these items can be purchased at any of the retailers listed on our website (click here).