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This program includes 34 hours (Offered exclusively online) and may be completed in less than two years. The program was developed in accordance with the Guidelines for Education and Training at the Master's Level   in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, published by the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Division 14 of the American Psychological Association.

Through the industrial-organizational psychology master's program, you will:

Foundation Courses (10 hours)

PSY 5000 Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (3)

PSY 5270 Foundations of Applied Psychology (3)

PSY 5501 Orientation to Industrial-Organizational Psychology (1)

PSY 5575 Applied Measurement in I-O Psychology (3)

I-O Psychology Core (18 hours)

PSY 5510 Performance Management (3)

PSY 5520 Personnel Assessment and Selection (3)

PSY 5540 Training and Development (3)

PSY 5550 Leadership and Organizational Change (3)

PSY 5560 Organizational Psychology (3)

PSY 5580 Personnel Psychology (3)

All students, regardless of when you were admitted into the program, must complete the courses listed above. If you were admitted to the program prior to fall 2010, you have the additional requirements listed below under “A. Students admitted before Fall 2010 ONLY).” If you were admitted beginning in fall 2010 or later, you have the additional requirements listed below under “B. Students admitted for Fall 2010 or later.”

A. Students Admitted before Fall 2010 ONLY

Research (3 – 6 hours)

PSY 5950 Research Paper (3)* or PSY 5960 Applied Research Paper (3)*
PSY 5990 Thesis (6)

B. Students Admitted for Fall 2010 or Later

Two Approved Electives (6) and

Comprehensive Exam - No Credit (Contact advisor for scheduling)


PSY 5990 Thesis (6)**

*Electives (3 hours)

If you elect the research paper or applied research paper option, you must complete one elective course. Electives may come from the psychology department or other departments offering graduate programs. Specific courses must be approved by the I-O psychology program coordinator (Check out the Two- Year Schedule link, and scroll all the way down for a list of approved electives at this time - If an elective course you want to take is not in the list you should e-mail the program coordinator (iyeru@apsu.edu) for approval). PSY 5730 Internship in Industrial-Organizational Psychology may be taken as an elective course.

**Students who wish to pursue the six-hour thesis option, in lieu of two electives and a comprehensive exam, must have earned a combined GPA of 3.5 in PSY 5000 and PSY 5575 and complete a "Change of Program of Study" through the adviser.