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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log-in to the Housing system?

Log onto OneStop.  If you are a freshman the link will be on the left hand side that says Apply for Housing.  If your are a sophomore or above you have to click on the Life tab and the link will be on the right hand side of the page that says Apply for Housing.

I am a freshman. Can I commute to APSU and live at home?

All freshmen, under 21 years of age, not living with their parents or legal guardians are required to live on campus while classified as a freshman. This helps strengthen chances for college success.

Will my financial aid or scholarship cover my $100 housing pre-payment?

No, a housing prepayment must accompany your application/license agreement for University housing and cannot be taken from financial aid or scholarship awards.

Is there a way I can pay my room rent in installments?

Yes, you can.  The Office of the Bursar has an Installment Plan available in the Fall and Spring semester.  For more details contact the Business Office. Starting Fall 16 - Spring 17, there are monthly payment plan options.  Please contact the Office of the Bursar for infromation.  

When will I find out who my roommate is?

You can find out anytime who your roomate is once you have booked a room.  You simply log onto the Apply for Housing link and click continue on Roommate Information. This will show you the name, email address, bed space, and the major of your roomate(s).

Can I get a private room?

Yes and no; regrettably space is limited. Private rooms are awarded based on available space.

What if I apply late? Will I still be able to obtain housing?

Yes and no. We have limited provisions to house students temporarily, until a permanent assignment is made.

Do I have to be on a University meal plan?

Yes. We require all residential students to have a residential meal plan. Students living in Emerald Hill and Two River Apartments are not required to have meal plans due to their distance from our dining venues.

When can I move into my residence hall?

Please check Dates and Deadlines on our website.

What if I decide to move off campus during the academic year?

There is not one answer to this question. Please read your housing/license agreement carefully. It contains important information. Once signed, it is binding for the entire academic year.  If you feel the need to get out of your contract, you are welcome to fill out a Contract Release Form and submit it to the housing office.  We will let you know whether your request in denied or approved.

What if I plan to enroll at the Ft. Campbell Center?

You may reserve your room now for the fall or spring semesters. Although class schedules may not be the same, you must comply with the main campus calendar as it relates to housing requirements, dates, etc..  

When do I have to be in my room at night?

There is no curfew. You may come and go as you please, although certain outside doors are locked at specified hours. Please carry your keys with you at all times.

Who will clean my room?

Although custodial workers are employed in all residence halls/apartments to keep all public areas and public/community bathrooms clean, you are expected to clean your own room and bathrooms.

During vacations and breaks, may I stay in my residence hall?

Residence halls remain open during the Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Break periods. Special housing arrangements may be offered for other break periods but the University reserves the right to make such determinations on a break-by-break basis. There will be a daily charge for occupancy during specific break periods.

May I remain in the residence halls if I withdraw from school?

No. Due to the demand for on-campus space, you must be enrolled. If you withdraw from school, you must check out of your room within 24 hours, unless an extension is granted by the Director of Housing/Residence Life & Dining Services.

If I should change my address, who do I need to notify?

Always be sure to update and address changes with the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration, and the Office of Housing/Residence Life & Dining Services.

May I bring a space heater or air conditioner?

No. These appliances are not allowed in the residence halls due to the potential for overload of the electrical system and the potential of fire. Fans, however, are permitted if they plug directly into the wall outlet.

May I have overnight guests of the same sex in my room?

Yes, but only if they are registered with a hall staff member and do not create a disturbance to your roommate or other residents. Guests of residents are not permitted to stay for longer than 2 nights per week. Students residing in University housing are responsible for assuring that their guests are aware of and comply with all policies and procedures of the University residence halls.

Are my personal belongings insured by the University?

No. The University does not assume responsibility at any time for the private property of its students and is not liable for the loss or damage of any article for personal property anywhere on the premises. You or your parents are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover your personal belongings.

May I store my belongings in my room during the summer months?

No. Because the residence halls are used for summer school, camps, conferences, and under renovations during the summer months, students are not allowed to store any belongings or property on campus during the summer.

Am I allowed to personalize my room?

Yes. Personalization should occur after you have moved on campus and within the guidelines set by the Office of Housing/Residence Life & Dining Services.

Am I allowed to have pets?

Yes.  With an approved submitted pet application.  Animal friendly Housing is Meacham Building 100.  Please visit for more infromation.