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Senate Breakout Sessions
Tuesday, August 19
1:30 – 4:30 p.m.
UC 103

1:30-2:30:  Student Success Showcase 

Speakers:  Alexandra Wills, Director of the Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement; Henderson Hill, III, Director of the Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center; Amanda Walker, Director of Career Services

Find out how you can get involved in the new and existing programs offered through Student Affairs.  Yearning to craft a service learning class? Passionate about civic engagement? Devoted to mentoring students?  In this panel presentation, you will be introduced to a few of the many opportunities available to increase student success in and out of the classroom.

2:30-3:30:  Compensation Listening Meeting

Speakers:  Jack Deibert and Jackie Struckmeyer, co-chairs of the compensation plan committee

Every five years, the university develops a compensation plan to help direct the flow of money earmarked for raises. Make your voice heard at this listening session: what philosophy, what considerations, should guide our plan for allocating these funds? Where are we now – and what might the future hold – in relation to compensation?

3:30-4:30:  Not Just for Scientists: Grants and Sponsored Research at APSU

Speakers:  Jaime Taylor and Andrew Shepard-Smith

Hear from our Provost, Jaime Taylor, and the Executive Director of Grants and Sponsored Research, Andrew Shepard-Smith, about the new incentive program (money!) for grant writing on campus. Learn about our campus-wide accomplishments and the potential for growth in this area. Ask questions about ways you can develop your own research and grant agenda. 

Shared governance is at the heart of Austin Peay’s culture, and I am convinced that it is the source of Austin Peay’s many successes. It is my hope that you will join us on August 19.

Purpose Statement

The Faculty Senate exists to investigate, consider, and act on any matter the Senate deems appropriate by virtue of relevance to the concerns of the University faculty. The Faculty Senate reports to the University faculty, and to other elements of the University. The Senate is an advisory body to the President of the University.

Executive Committee (2014-2015)

  • Mercy Cannon, President
  • Tim Winters, Vice President
  • Tim Leszczak, Secretary
  • Benita Bruster, Representative to Academic Council
  • Tucker Brown, Member at Large
  • Robin Reed, Representative to Deans Council
  • Pat Perdew, Representative to TBR Sub-council
  • Chad Brooks, Immediate past President
  • Elaine Berg, Parliamentarian

Next Meeting
Thursday, August 28, 2014
3pm in UC 307