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Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

Welcome to the home page of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. If you are a prospective student, the links at the left will provide you with much of the information that you need. We welcome on-line, transfer, and second-degree students. If you need more information, please contact our office at 931-221-7840 or email Bruce Myers, the Chair of the Department.

Note: Computer Science Tutoring Services
Need help for programming assignments and software installation? Please check out the Computer Science Tutoring Services. FREE for all inclass and online students taking APSU classes.

Our department's PSM (Professional Science Master's) program produces first graduates, Summer 2015.

The Communication University of China, and APSU College of Science and Mathematics sign MOU on July 28, 2015. The The Department of Computer Science warmly received the delegation from the Communication University of China.

Windows 10 ? a APSU Announcement

Interesting article referenced by ACM Career News from ITWorld:
Computer Science Students Are in Demand and They Know It (IT World, July 9, 2015)

Pinnacle Solutions, Medhost seeking software developer and Customer Support Analyst. Please check out the Job Opportunities page...

Computer Science graduating student Arisha Majors receives Drane Award (a top APSU student award), Spring 2015.

Five Northeast High School teachers of the Game Programming Academy, attended a 2 day CMCSS externship WordPress web development workshop, at the department of computer science, 5/27 & 5/28/2015. The workshop was organized by Dr. Leong Lee and Dr. Bruce Myers, supported by the APSU Office of Admissions, sponsored by the APSU Office of Academic Affairs.

Congratulations / Conferences / Publications

  • Our department's PSM (Professional Science Master's) program produces first graduates, Summer 2015.
  • Computer Science student Alexander D. Hornick did REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) at Iowa State University in Summer 2015. He participated in the Summer Program for Interdisciplinary Research and Education – Emerging Interface Technologies (SPIRE – EIT), and he was in the Detecting Threat team. Good job! Alex!
  • Computer Science graduating student Arisha Majors receives Drane Award (a top APSU student award), Spring 2015
  • Congratulations to all Spring 2015 Computer Science Graduates !
  • The ACM Student Chapter at APSU is excited to announce our New 2015-16 ACM Officers!!!
    • ACM President: Dustin Marchak
    • ACM Vice President: Megan Bartlett
    • Treasurer: Alexander Hornick
    • Web Master: Dominic Volavong
    • Secretary: Doreen Lynch
  • Dr. Elarde, Dr. Jackson, and Dr. Nicholson attended the ACM Mid-Southeast Fall 2014 Conference, Nov 13-14, Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
    • Dr. Elarde, Dr. Jackson, and Dr. John Nicholson served as Session Chairs and Judges at different undergraduate and graduate presentations session.
    • Dr. Joseph Elarde presented research findings titled “A Computer Architecture/Organization Team Project Assignment – Reverse Engineering the MARIE Processor” at the Professional Presentations session.
    • Dr. Chenchutta Jackson presented research findings titled “Virtual Worlds and Conservational Channel Evolution and Pollutant Transport Systems (CONCEPTS)” at the Professional Presentations session.
  • The Department of Computer Science & IT was selected for Honorable Mention related to their display (tablet powered drawing robot v1.0) on AP Day, 11/1/2014. Congratulations to Dr. Nicholson and Dr. Elarde. Dr. Nicholson now has more money to buy toys (I mean robots).
  • Congratulations to the 3 teams that participated in the Mid-Central Regional ACM Programming Contest 2014! The teams are supervised by Dr. Coleman.
    • The ACM Programming Contest is an international programming contest run every year by the Association for Computing Machinery. The contest takes place in two phases. The first phase is the Regional Contests which are held at various sites throughout the world. Each region coordinates its own contest and the top teams in each region are chosen to compete at the second phase of the contest, which is the World Finals.
    • APSU competed in the Mid Central region (TN, KY, IL, AR, MO) at the Tennessee Tech site in Cookeville, TN on Saturday, November 1st. There were 24 teams competing at the site and 153 teams competing in the region.
    • The teams were:
      • Modem Family: Donald Buhl-Brown, William Rich, Michael Walker :::: 4th at the site and 38th in the region
      • The Knights Who Say GNU: Connor Bourne, Jacob Hilliard, Brett Lee :::: 9th at the site and 59th in the region
      • The X-Filesystem: Jason Coppedge, Stephen Schuetrumpf, Daniel Wherry :::: 15th at the site and 90th in the region
  • APSU computer science student Arisha Majors designs website for Tennessee Academy of Sciences
  • Dr. Leong Lee, and Dr. Gregory S. Ridenour (Geosciences) had their research paper "Using Data Mining to Investigate Interaction between Channel Characteristics and Hydraulic Geometry Channel Types" accepted by the IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI), Orlando, Florida, Dec 9-12, 2014.
  • Dr. Samuel N Jator (Math Dept. Chair), and Dr. Leong Lee published research paper "Implementing a seventh-order linear multistep method in a predictor-corrector mode or block mode: which is more efficient for the general second order initial value problem" in peer-reviewed SpringerPlus Journal, SpringerPlus 2014, 3:447.
  • Dr. Leong Lee, Dr. Matthew Jones (Math), Dr. Gregory S. Ridenour (Geosciences), Mr. Maurice P. Testa, and Mr. Michael J. Wilson (GIS) had their research paper "Investigating and Comparing Spatial Accuracy and Precision of GPS-Enabled Devices in Middle Tennessee" accepted by the GRMSE 2014 Conference, Ypsilanti, Michigan, Oct 3-5, 2014.
  • Congratulations to Dr. John Nicholson for receiving the 2014 Socrates Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • APSU computer science program recognized on national list., a leading resource for online learning in computer science and related fields, recently released its Best Online Computer Science Degrees list for 2015, and the organization ranked Austin Peay State University as one of the top 50 programs in the nation. Check out details here (APSU news).

Tech Employment Spotlight: Nashville

The Best jobs of 2015 according to U.S. News and World Report rankings

#3 Software Developer
#7 Computer Systems Analyst
#8 Information Security Analyst
#11 Web Developer

Very good showing for computing !

MKT 3610 E-Commerce will no longer be taught. Current students in the Database Administration Concentration who have not had MKT 3610 need to take CSCI 4460 as an authorized substitution. For more information on our new course, CSCI 4460, Content Management Systems, please click here...

The department is part of the College of Science and Mathematics Click here for news about our College.

For those who may not have kept up with us, here is a list of our faculty and staff.

  • Mr. Barry G. Bruster, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Nicholas A. Coleman, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Joseph V. Elarde, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Chenchutta D. Jackson, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Leong Lee, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Jiang Li, Professor
  • Dr. Bruce Myers, Professor and Chair
  • Dr. John A. Nicholson, Associate Professor
  • Mrs. Nancy A. Smithfield, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Yingbing Yu, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Jim Bateman, Professor Emeritus
  • Dr. Jim Vandergriff, Professor Emeritus

  • Mr. Calvin G. Bolander, Adjunct Faculty
  • Dr. Gary L. Griffith, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Paul E. MacAfee, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Antonio (Tony) L. McCutcheon, Adjunct Faculty
  • Mr. Stephen T. Paulk-McGinley, Adjunct Faculty

  • Mrs. Betty Leimer, Administrative Assistant II

For APSU computer science graduates who may see this page, please email us and let us know your current email address.