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Welcome to the Chemistry Department!

About us

The Chemistry Department consists of eight full time faculty, one full-time temporary faculty, adjunct faculty, a lab manager and an office manager. Several undergraduate degree programs exist including a program approved by the American Chemical Society. The ACS-approved program requires that the department as a whole also meet certain national standards.

The department graduates 20-30 majors per year. These graduates go into various professional programs including chemistry graduate schools and medical and dental schools. Many are employed in industrial chemistry and government laboratories.

The chemistry program prepared me well for what was to come: medical school, residency and pediatrics. And I felt that the entire department cared about me as a student and as a person.

-Dr. Jeff Beardmore, pediatrician, Arnett Clinic, Lafayette, Indiana

Who do we advise?

The chemistry department advises: (1) those students majoring or minoring in chemistry and its related programs or concentrations such as forensic science, teaching, or biochemistry and (2) those students in the preprofessional programs of prepharmacy, predentistry and predental hygiene, and premedicine.

Dr. Robin Reed and Dr. Leslie Hiatt advise prepharmacy students. Dr. Carrie Brennan advises forensic chemistry students. Dr. Robertson is the advisor for premedicine. Dr. Sullivan advises students interested in predentistry and predental hygiene. Dr. Meagan Mann advises premedicine and biochemistry concentration students. Other faculty focus on the ACS, non-ACS, and secondary teaching chemistry majors. Descriptions of these programs are in the APSU bulletin and may be accessed using the links below.

  • prepharmacy program of study ( three or four year program).
  • predentistry and predental hygiene programs of study
  • premedicine program of study
    Dr. Robertson's premedicine web advisement page
  • forensic science concentration program in chemistry as a major or a minor
  • chemistry teaching in the secondary school program
  • biochemistry concentration program in chemistry
  • the ACS certified and non-ACS certified chemistry major

We have also compiled Course Planning Guides (advising worksheets) which can help you see at a glance what courses are required in the various programs or concentrations in our department. A 4-yr plan of courses to be offered has also been developed.

Want to learn more?

Additional information about any of the chemistry or preprofessional programs may be obtained by contacting the chemistry department's office manager, Donna Liverett, at 931-221-7628 or by e-mail to