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Tri-County Upward Bound

Tri-County Upward Bound is a Federally funded Trio program funded by the Department of Education. The Tri-County Upward Bound program assist economically disadvantaged high school students from Houston, Cheatham Co. Central and Stewart County High Schools. The Upward Bound programs prepare high school students for postsecondary education. All services are provided completely free of charge to participants and families. 

  • Academic tutoring
  • Instruction in reading, writing, study skills, mathematics, science, and other subjects
  • ACT/SAT workshops, classes and fee waivers
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance examinations and completing college admission applications
  • Assistance completing financial aid applications, including the FAFSA and scholarships
  • College and career exploration
 There are four (4) componants to the Upward Bound program where we provide services.

Twice per month, TCUB staff will visit you at your high school to discuss academic progress, tutoring needs, college choices, career exploration, financial aid and scholarship options and ACT/SAT prep. 

One Saturday per month (September - May) transportation is provided from your high school to the campus of APSU for the day. During the morning, students will receive at least two or more hours of academic instruction, tutoring, ACT/SAT prep or college related workshops. In the afternoon, a social/cultural activity will be provded such as trips to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Frist Center in Nashville, laser tag, bowling, skating and more.

Each summer beginning in early June students will "move" into their new college dorms for the next six weeks on the beautiful APSU campus. Students wil reside in the student housing (designated just for TCUB participants) where they will take classes in math, lab science, literature, writing, a foreign language and a fun elective class. Each Friday, before returning home for the weekend, TCUB will take a "Friday Trip" where we just relax and have fun for the day! Friday Field Trips include visiting places like Mammouth Cave National Park, The Corvette Factory, Venture River Water park or Bench Bend in Bowling Green, Ky. 

After five weeks of classes, students that have completed the Summer Residential Program with satisfactory academic progress will board a charter bus for a three or four day trip to a major cultural city! We call this the FINAL TRIP and it is well worth the hard work! Each year we go to a different city, such as Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, or Washington, D.C. While on the final trip we visit exciting and fun places of interest. It is definitely an action packed week for us that you won't want to miss.  By the time you return to your high school classes in the fall, the classes that you took in the Summer Residential Program will give you that extra boost you need to succeed. 

Don't forget- all of this is free of charge to participants. You never have to pay for anything- including trips and activities! 

During your senior year in high school, TCUB staff will work very hard to get you ready to walk through the front door of the college of your choice! We will ensure that all of your college admission applications and housing paperwork is complete, your FAFSA and scholarships are ready to go and you have everything you need to be ready for college. 

If funding allows, students that have completed the TCUB program are eligible to apply for a scholarship where they will receive full  tuition, housing, meals, books and supplies to take 2 classes (6 credit hours) at APSU during the Summer I semester.  These college credits will give you a great start in college and is transferable to any college or university of your choice.

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