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Transfer Course Evaluations

Evaluation of transfer credit is processed by the Office of the Registrar, in conjunction with the appropriate academic department. APSU awards credit for course work completed at regionally accredited institutions, select non-traditional credit, such as military credit, and upon appropriate approvals, credit earned at a non-regionally accredited institution.

Upon receipt of official transcripts in the Office of the Registrar, transcript evaluations are completed within 7 – 10 business days. Please note that transcripts must be sent to the Office of Admissions and they will forward them to the Office of the Registrar once they have marked them received for your admissions file. 

Second-Degree Seeking Students

Second-degree seeking students who have declared a major will have all core courses evaluated, as well as any courses that may pertain to the major for the second degree.

Second-degree seeking students are recommended to speak to their academic advisor prior to enrolling and review all transfer work to ensure successful coursework is not repeated.

Evaluations Not Performed

Viewing Your Transfer Course Evaluation

Transfer course evaluations may be found in your AP OneStop by clicking on:

You may also view the courses on your unofficial Academic transcript in AP OneStop.

Reading Your Transfer Course Evaluation

Left side – Previous Institution Course Information

Right side – APSU Equivalency

Elective Course Work

For courses without an APSU equivalent, elective credit is noted as:

Course Title

If a course number has been assigned, the APSU title is listed. If elective credit has been assigned, the original title from your previous school is listed.

Grade Assignment for Transfer Courses

Military Credit and Credit by Exam are entered in the same manner; however, 'P'(pass) grades will be assigned to the course equivalencies.

Only letter grades of A, B, C, D, F, or P (without consideration of +/-) are used in calculating your inclusive cumulative grade point average (GPA). The inclusive GPA is the GPA utilized to determine Academic Honors when graduating. 'I' grades and unofficial withdrawals are recalculated as ‘F'. P carries no quality points and is not used in calculating GPA.

Transfer Articulation Agreements

APSU also has transfer articulation agreements with Tennessee Board of Regents community colleges, as well as Hopkinsville Community College, located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. APSU also participates in the State’s Tennessee Transfer Pathways. 

All Other Institutional Equivalencies

To view equivalencies from all institutions in which credit has already been awarded, please visit our Transfer Equivalencies site.

Transfer from TBR Community College or Hopkinsville Community College

The completion of an Associate of Arts or Science in a university parallel (transfer) program from a Tennessee Board of Regents two-year college, as stated in the 1988 or later bulletin, will satisfy the Liberal Arts core requirements for the BBA and BS and all core requirements for the BA except for Humanities foreign languages (6 hours). This policy also applies to Hopkinsville Community College if six semester hours of American History have been included and if their core has been met without exception. An official transcript with the degree posted must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.

Military Credit

Students who are serving or previously served in the military are awarded credit based on military experiences reflected on their military transcript, such as Joint Service Transcript (JST) or Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty (DD-214). Military experience is evaluated using the appropriate ACE Guide recommendation. Students who have completed Basic Training are awarded two hours of Physical Activity and three hours of HHP 1250 - Wellness Concepts and Practice . Required documentation for Military Service experience must be either a DD214 (member copy 4), DD295, or a JST.

Non-Traditional Credit

There are various types of non-traditional credit. Students may earn college credit with grades of 'P' for acceptable scores on:

The total amount of credit earned by a non-traditional method, including correspondence and extension credit, which is acceptable to apply toward a degree is limited to one-half the total number of credits required for the degree sought. Students are to submit a Coursework Approval Form prior to earning additional credit.

Official test scores must be sent from the testing center to APSU.

Foreign Transcript Evaluations

Austin Peay accepts credits from foreign institutions; however, it a course by course evaluation of the foreign transcript must be completed by a foreign transcript educational credentialing agency.

Credit Earned at Non-Regionally Accredited Institutions

Generally, credit from a non-regionally accredited institution of higher learning is not accepted. You may apply for an exception by completing an Application for Transfer of Credit from a Non-Regionally Accredited Institution of Higher Learning. This form must be completed for each course. Credit may be awarded only after review and approval by the appropriate academic department chair and dean. 


Courses with a direct equivalency or an elective equivalency may be substituted for an APSU course.

Core Substitutions: Must be submitted by your academic advisor and approval must be obtained from the department chair and the dean of the college in which the core course resides.

Major/Minor Substitution: Must be submitted by your advisor and approval must be obtained by the department in which the student is majoring/minoring.

Substitution of a lower division course(s) for an upper division course(s) does count towards the upper-division hour requirement outlined in the University Wide Degree Requirements.

Utilizing VA Benefits

If you are a veteran receiving VA benefits, please contact the Office of Veterans Affairs at (931) 221-6170 for further transfer information regarding transfer credit as it relates to VA Benefits.

Questions Regarding Transfer Coursework

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 931-221-7150 or by email at transfer@apsu.edu.