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Products and Services

We have a variety of print services and finishes as well as creative design services available to faculty and staff. Design and creative services are charged based on complexity and time spent on completing the project. Additional fees are charged for photography, stock photography or illustration work.

Printing can be done on various types, colors, weights and paper sizes, including large format prints and specialty papers. We keep a variety of papers in stock, but can order specialty paper for you. We also offer paper products for sale. If you do not see a service or product you need listed, please ask us.

Printing Services/Finishes

Color copies

Black & white copies

Large format printing


Spray mounting

Paper selection -- types, sizes, weights, colors

Enlargements/reductions of publications




 (spiral & fast back)


Hole punching


Roll paper

Borders for bulletin boards


Specialty papers

Scanning test sheets

Poster board

Illustration board

Foam board


Creative Services

Concept development


Visual identity development

(color palette, fonts, imagery)

Publication design and redesign

Banner and signage design

Project management

Print coordination


Our pricing is reasonable and competitive. Remember, all fees paid to Printing Services give back to the University.