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Woodward Library embarks on major renovation projects to enhance user experience

By: Katie Pendleton February 22, 2024



The Woodward Library at Austin Peay State University (APSU) is excited to announce a series of major renovation projects aimed at revitalizing and enhancing the library's facilities to better serve the needs of students, faculty and the community.

Revitalized Main Floor Showcases University Pride

The main floor of the Woodward Library underwent a stunning transformation at the beginning of the year with a fresh coat of gray paint to match the official APSU colors. This long-overdue project not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the library but also serves as a strategic investment in improving the atmosphere and overall reputation of the institution.

State-of-the-art Flooring Upgrade

Scheduled to begin during spring break, the installation of new carpet on the main floor marks another significant milestone in Woodward Library’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities for learning and research. The new flooring, which has undergone rigorous testing including stain resistance trials, promises durability, ease of maintenance and a comfortable environment for all library visitors.

The new flooring installation is scheduled to take place during spring break, March 4-8. As a result, there will be limited access to the library during this time, and patience from patrons is greatly appreciated.

Empowering Innovation with Enhanced Electrical Infrastructure

In anticipation of the upcoming launch of a makerspace/VR lab on the main floor, the Woodward Library is investing in a voltage upgrade to accommodate the increased demand for electrical power. This upgrade ensures that students, faculty and community members have access to the necessary power to operate cutting-edge equipment and tools within the facility. The makerspace and VR lab are slated to open in fall 2024, providing exciting opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration.

Promoting Inclusivity Through Assistive Technology

As part of the Woodward Library’s ongoing efforts to promote diversity and equity, plans are underway to establish an Assistive Technology Room on the main floor. This initiative aims to provide students with disabilities and diverse learning needs access to essential tools and resources, ensuring they have equal opportunities to succeed academically.

Efficiency Boost with New Offices

The addition of two offices on the main floor for the Resources Management unit marks a strategic move to enhance efficiency and productivity within the library. Relocating this significant department from the basement underscores the Woodward Library’s commitment to optimizing resources and supporting the success of its academic community.

APSU Senior Leadership Commended for Funding Support

The Woodward Library extends gratitude to APSU senior leadership for their commitment and support in funding these vital renovation projects. Their foresight and dedication to enhancing the library's facilities will greatly benefit the entire APSU community for years to come.

The Woodward Library’s commitment to providing a dynamic and inclusive learning environment remains steadfast, and these renovation projects are a testament to that commitment. The library looks forward to welcoming patrons to its refreshed and upgraded facilities in the near future.


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