Mathematics 3-Year Plan
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Mathematics - 3 Year Plan

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Students are eligible for this plan if they have a 4 or 5 on the AP Test for BC Calculus or if they earned APSU credit for MATH 1910 and 1920 in a dual enrollment program while in high school.  This plan also assumes that the student has AP or dual enrollment credit for two general education core classes, specifically ENGL 1010 and 1020 for the plan below, but it may easily be adjusted if the credit is earned for a different gen ed requirement.

First Year Fall Semester Hours First Year Spring Semester Hours First Year Summer Hours
MATH 2110 Calculus III 4 MATH 3450: Linear Algebra 3 Social/Behavior Sci  3
MATH 3010: Intro to Math Reas. 3 MATH 3120: Differential Equations 3 Minor Req. or Elective 3
Science/Lab 4 Science/Lab 4    
Social/Behavior Science 3 CSCI 2000: Prog. and Data Struct. 4    
APSU 1000 1        
 Total Hours  15 Total Hours 14  Total Hours 6
Second Year Fall Semester Hours Second Year Spring Semester Hours Sec. Year Summer   Hours
MATH 3130: Differential Eqs II 3 MATH 4710: Real Analysis4 (odd yrs) 3 Minor Req. or Elective 3
MATH 4500: Modern Alg.4 (odd yrs) 3 MATH 3000: Discrete Math3 3 Minor Req. or Elective   3 
ENGL 2330: Topics in World Lit 3 Humanities/Fine Arts 3    
COMM 2045: Public Speaking 3 Minor Requirement or Elective (odd) 3    
Minor Requirement2 or Elective 3 Minor Requirement or Elective 3    
Total Hours 15 Total Hours 15  Total Hours 6
Third Year Fall Semester  Hours Third Year Spring Semester Hours  Third Year Summer Hours
MATH 4210: Topology3 (even yrs) 3 MATH 4160: Complex Analysis3 (even) 3 Minor Req. or Elective 
MATH 4450: Mathematical Models 3 MATH 4810: Senior Seminar 1 Minor Req. or Elective 
MATH 4240: Probability  3  Minor Requirement or Elective 3    
MATH 4110: Number Theory3 3 Minor Requirement or Elective  3     
History 3 History 3    
    Humanities/Fine Arts      
Total Hours 15 Total Hours 16 Total Hours 


Note: If your second year is an even year, swap the second and third year classes that are marked as (odd yrs) and (even yrs).

Students taking MATH 1730 before 1910 can take 1730 in First Year Fall, 1910 in First Year Spring, and 1920 in the Summer Semester.

Suggested minors: Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering Technology, Decision Sciences, Accounting, Economics, and Finance.

3 These courses are not specifially required as Major Guided Electives, but are recommended.

MATH 4500 and MATH 4710 must be taken as Major Guided Electives for the Pure Mathematics track.  MATH 4460, MATH 4670, and STAT 4250 must instead be taken for the Applied Mathematics track.