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Actuarial Science - 4 Year Plan

This sample schedule shows one possible path for completing your degree with a Mathematics major with a concentartion in Actuarial Science in 4 years.  There is flexibility available for selecting your classes, but be aware of the prerequisites for our math courses, found here.  Please talk to your advisor to help guide you along your own path to graduation.

        First Year Fall Semester Hours   First Year Spring Semester Hours
  MATH 19101: Calculus I 4   MATH 1920: Calculus II  4
  Science/Lab 4   Science/Lab 4
  ENGL 1010: English Composition I 3   ENGL 1020: English Composition II 3
  ECON 2100: Principles of Macroeconomics 3   ECON 2200: Principles of Microeconomics 3
  APSU 1000: Transition to the University 1      
   Total Hours  15   Total Hours 14
  Second Year Fall Semester Hours   Second Year Spring Semester Hours
  MATH 2110: Calculus III 4   MATH 3450: Linear Algebra 3
  MATH 3010: Intro to Math Reasoning 3   STAT 3250: Statistical Methods 3
  ENGL 2330: Topics in World Lit 3   MATH 4130: Financial Mathematics4 3
  COMM 2045: Public Speaking 3   Humanities/Fine Arts 3
  CSCI 1010/2000: Programming 3/4   Minor Requirement or Elective2 3
  Total Hours 16/17   Total Hours 15
  Third Year Fall Semester  Hours   Third Year Spring Semester Hours
  STAT 4120: Regression Analysis 3   STAT 4140: Time Series Analysis 3
  MATH/STAT 4240: Probabilty4 3   STAT 4250: Mathematical Statistics 3
  MATH 4450: Mathematical Models  3    Math/Stats Elective3 3
  History 3   FIN 3010: Principles of Finance  3 
  Minor Requirement or Elective 3   Humanities/Fine Arts 3
  Total Hours 15   Total Hours 15
  Fourth Year Fall Semester  Hours   Fourth Year Spring Semester Hours
  MATH 4140: Financial Derivatives4 3   STAT 4810: Senior Seminar 3
  Math/Stats Elective 3   Math/Stats Elective 3
  Social/Behavioral Science 3   Math/Stats Elective 3
  History 3   Minor Requirement or Elective 3
  Minor Requirement or Elective 3   Minor Requirement or Elective 3
  Total Hours 15    Total Hours 15
        Total Credit Hours for Degree 120-121

Note: If your third year is an even year, swap the third and fourth year classes that are marked as (odd yrs) and (even yrs).

Students taking MATH 1730 before 1910 can take 1730 in First Year Fall, 1910 in First Year Spring, and 1920 in the Summer Semester.

Suggested minors: Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering Technology, Decision Sciences, Accounting, Economics, and Finance.

3 Four mathematics or statistics electives are required.  The courses STAT 4200, MATH 4670 or STAT 4125, MATH 4260, and STAT 4290 are advised for these electives.

Students are advised to prepare for and take the following exams after the marked classes:              

SOA/CAS Exam FM/2 at the end of Second Year Spring     
SOA/CAS Exam P/1 at the end of Third Year Fall
SAS Base programming certifcation at the end of Third Year Spring
SOA/CAS Exam MFE/3 at the end of Fourth Year Fall