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Sibyl Brush posing for a picture outside

Sibyl Brush

“If you’re interested in any organizations at APSU, join. It is a scary thing, but if you’re doing something that you love, chances are you will meet life-long friends and it will change your outlook on college.”
Major: Pre-K – Third Special Education
Graduation Year: May 2024
Campus Involvement: Governor’s Own Marching Band
Hometown: Columbia, TN

It may seem impossible to juggle extracurriculars, school and life all at once. Sibyl Brush, current sophomore, knows how to make it look like a breeze.

Brush is a Pre-K through Third Special Education major. When she isn’t studying hard for her future, you can often find her doing the thing she loves most – color guard.

Brush discovered her love for color guard when she wanted to trade in her volleyball gear for something that involved dance. After meeting the guard director, she was immediately hooked.

Brush has been involved with color guard for six years, which equals out to eleven seasons of fall and winter guard.

When Brush got to APSU, she knew she wanted to continue color guard.

After joining the Governor’s Own Marching Band, she knew she had found her family.

“The community that surrounds GOMB is like no other,” Brush said. “The family I’ve gained from GOMB has given me a chance to create lasting friendships with those around me.”

Sibyl Brush with other members of Eklipse
Sibyl Brush with other members of Eklipse.  

When the stressors of school and life hit hard, Brush uses GOMB as an escape to channel her creativity and let go of the big things.

“No matter what phase of life I’m in, I know that I can go to practice and still be loved and accepted for who I am,” Brush said. “I get to do an activity that I have so much love for, smiling my heart out on the field every single time.”

When winter rolls around and football season is gone, Sibyl can be found performing with Eklipse Winter Guard.

Eklipse is an independent winter guard program based out of Nashville, TN. The organization has been around for 22 years, a “massive” achievement.

Eklipse is open to anyone and everyone, but there are fellow GOMB members that instill that family aspect.

“Throughout Eklipse’s history, there have been several performers and staff who have been involved with GOMB,” Brush said.

Trying to find your footing when you first start college can be scary. But, if you find people with similar interests, you will quickly find your place and community of PEAYple.

“If you’re interested in any organizations at APSU, join,” Brush said. “It is a scary thing, but if you’re doing something that you love, chances are you will meet life-long friends and it will change your outlook on college.”

The Governor's Own Marching Band at Austin Peay State University with Ashleigh

After graduating from Austin Peay, Brush hopes to use her degree to work in rural communities.

“Oftentimes, there aren’t enough resources or educators to be able to have a special education department in these small, rural areas,” Brush said. “I want every student to have equal opportunities wherever they are learning.”

At a young age, Brush knew she wanted to major in education. When she was little, she often played school and was the teacher. Many members in her family are part of various school systems, so that helped her decision as well.

The education department at APSU has quite a reputation and is well-known for the experiences they give to students.

When looking at colleges, Brush chose APSU based on the education department.

“The professors and students in this department are some of the most inclusive, progressive and kind people I’ve ever met,” Brush said.

In today’s world, education and teachers are changing constantly. Brush won’t let that stop her.

“I have to be the best educator I possibly can.” Brush said. “The entirety of education changes and evolves every single day as we all discover how to be better human beings. I want to make sure I can change for my students and ensure that they are all getting the absolute best education they can.”


Sibyl Brush with other GOMB Members