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University RTP Appeals Board Committee

The responsibility of the University Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Appeals Board is to review appeals of faculty members who have received negative recommendations concerning their applications for retention, tenure, or promotion. A principal responsibility of Austin Peay State University is to recruit and retain highly qualified faculty within its means, and to that end, the institution shall discharge these responsibilities by adhering to the highest standards of fairness and due diligence. The Appeals Board is also charged with upholding the policies of Austin Peay State University while simultaneously protecting academic freedom and safeguarding individual faculty members from arbitrary decisions. Appeals should be resolved in the most expeditious manner as possible and be consistent with the RTP Appeals Board objectives listed in the RTP P&G document.

Please see the APSU Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Procedures and Guidelines for detailed information regarding the University RTP Appeals Board.

2022-2023 Membership

Faculty Name College Department Service Term
Prentice Chandler, Chair CoE, Dean COE, non-voting member 2022-2023
Allyn Smith CoSTEM Faculty member appointed by the Provost 2022-2023
David Snyder CoAL Faculty Senate Representative 2022-2023
Margaret Rennerfeldt CoAL Theatre and Dance 2022-2023
Ann Silverberg CoAL Music 2022-2023
Debra Rose Wilson CoBHS Nursing 2022-2023
Bill Rayburn CoBHS Leadership 2022-2023
Michael Phillips CoB Finance 2022-2023
John Volker CoB Management  2022-2023
Ling Wang CoE Teaching and Learning 2022-2023
Benita Bruster CoE Educational Specialties 2022-2023
Jane Semler CoSTEM Allied Health 2022-2023
Matthew Jones CoSTEM Mathematics 2022-2023
Gina Garber Library Access Services 2022-2023

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the University RTP Appeals Board, please contact:

Debbie Shearon
Email: shearond@apsu.edu