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Institutional Review Board

Membership: 6 faculty members: 1 from each academic college and Library, plus one at large member, 1 student, and 2 ex officio (community representative and Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies). The Vice Provost and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies or his or her designee will serve as chair. There are no limits on reappointment.

Description: The committee is responsible for implementation and enforcement of federal laws and regulations governing human research as well as APSU Policy 2:002, Research Involving Human Subjects. APSU's agreement with the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Human Subjects Protection requires that APSU policy apply to all research involving human subjects, and all other activities which, even in part, involve such research, regardless of sponsorship, if one or more of the following apply:

  1. The research is sponsored by this institution; or
  2. The research is conducted by or under the direction of any employee or agent of the institution in connection with his or her institutional responsibilities; or
  3. The research is conducted by or under the direction of any employee or agent of this institution using any property or facility of this institution; or
  4. The research involves the use of this institution’s non-public information to identify or contact human research subjects or prospective subjects.

The committee reviews and approves all planned/proposed research, development, and related activities involving human subjects to ensure that applicable federal laws and regulations protecting humans who volunteer to serve as research participants. APSU policy requires all research protocols involving human subjects to be reviewed whether or not such research is considered exempt under federal regulations. No research at Austin Peay is exempt from the review and approval policies and procedures.

Members of the board are appointed for three-year renewable terms. There are no limits on reappointment. 

(Approver: Provost/SVPAA) 

2023-2024 Membership:

Name of Faculty Area Membership / Department Service Term*
Harold Young, Chair Dean Designee Political Science/Public Management 2023-2026
Chad Brooks Dean, CoGS Associate Provost and Dean, Graduate Studies Permanent
ex officio
Leslie Binford Faculty, CoBHS Nursing 2023-2026
Andrea Lee Faculty, CoE Educational Specialties 2023-2026
Heather L. Phillips Faculty - at Large Allied Health Science 2022-2025
Brandon Di Paolo Harrison Faculty, CoB Accounting, Economics, Finance 2023-2026
Kakali Bhattacharya Chakrabarti Faculty, CoAL Communication 2023-2026
Robin Reed Faculty, CoSTEM Chemistry 2021-2024
Christopher Ross Bowron Faculty, Library Library 2021-2024
Valerie Guzman Clarksville, TN  Community Representative ex officio
Wyatt (Drake) Harris Student, CoGS Graduate Student Representative 2023-2024

*Appointment is September through August 

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Institutional Review Board, please contact:  

Harold Young, Chair
Email: youngh@apsu.edu