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Faculty Handbook Committee

Membership: 1 tenured faculty member from each academic college and the Library and 1 at large member, Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice President Academic Affairs (ex officio).

Terms of Service: Members will serve three-year terms and can serve two consecutive terms. When consecutive terms have been served, a three-year break must occur before serving again. When a new chair is appointed, the former chair will remain as ex officio for at least one year for continuity.  

Description: The committee has the responsibility for reviewing and revising the faculty handbook to ensure that it is maintained in an up-to-date fashion. The committee will be responsible for revising the handbook on an annual basis and submitting a proposed revised Faculty Handbook to the Office of Academic Affairs so that it is available to faculty for electronic distribution at the beginning of each academic year. 

(Approver: Provost /SVPAA) 

2024-2025 Membership

Name Title Department/Area Service Term*
Amye Melton Faculty, CoB Management and Marketing 2024-2027
Tamara Smithers Faculty, CoAL Art + Design 2024-2027
Marsha Lyle-Gonga Faculty, CoBHS Political Science and Public Management 2024-2027
Perry Scanlan Faculty, CoSTEM Allied Health Sciences 2024-2027
Bing Xiao Faculty, CoE Teaching and Learning 2022-2025
Christina Chester-Fangman Faculty, Library Library 2024-2027
Bobette Bouton, Chair Faculty at Large, CoE Teaching and Learning 2023-2026
Tucker Brown Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice President Academic Affairs Academic Affairs Permanent
ex officio
Kathryn Woods Former Chair Leadership ex officio