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Parking and Transportation Committee

Membership: 3 Faculty, 4 Staff, 5 Students and 2 ex officio (Executive Director of Physical Plant and Assistant Vice President for Public Safety). The Director of Parking and Transportation will serve as permanent chair.

Description: The committee has the responsibility to review campus parking regulations and zoning, and compiling requests/recommendations from the campus community. The committee will provide recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration. The purview of the committee shall be limited to matters of parking, traffic flow, roads and lighting.

(Approver: Vice President for Finance Administration) 

2022-2023 Membership

Name Division Department Service Term
Rasheda Smith, Chair Finance & Administration Parking & Transportation Indefinite
Patrick Gosnell Faculty, CoAL Art+Design 2021-2023
Jennis Biser Faculty, CoB Economics 2021-2023
Christos Frentzos Faculty, CoAL History & Philosophy 2021-2023
Michael Dickins Staff, CoAL Art+Design 2020-2023
Jason Longan Staff, Finance and Administration University Facilities 2022-2023
Jasmine O'Brien Staff, Academic Affairs Curriculum Coordinator 2022-2023
Gina Shire Staff, Academic Affairs Art & Design 2022-2023
Morgan Ozanne Student Affairs Student Representative 2022-2023
Michael Lobdell Student Affairs Student Representative 2021-2023
Noah Hogan Student Affairs Student Representative 2022-2023
Bruno Tarancon, Jr. Student Affairs Student Representative 2022-2023
Korey Nettles Student Affairs Student Representative 2022-2023
Tom Hutchins Finance and Administration Physical Plant ex officio
Michael Kasitz Finance and Administration Public Safety ex officio

For more information, contact: 

Rasheda Smith, Chair
Email:  smithrs@apsu.edu