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Tony Morris

Anthony Morris

Associate Dean

College of Arts & Letters

PhD in Art History from Case Western Reserve University

MA in Art History from Kent State University

BFA in Graphic Design from Bradley University

Dr. Morris is currently the Interim Chair of Art + Design, but regularly teaches modern and contemporary classes in Art History.

Dr. Morris specializes in the history of queer expressions in 20th century American art.

“Gee, He Has No Brushstroke: Gender Performance in Andy Warhol’s Oxidation Paintings,” Art Inquiries (2016) 7-16.

“McLean Fahnestock: Over the Horizon,” Number 87 (Summer 2016) 12-13.

“Interview: Barry Jones,” Number 80 (Fall 2014) 10-11.

“Paul Cadmus and Carnival, 1934: Representing the Comic Grotesque,” American Art (Fall 2012).