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Gloria Miller

Gloria Miller


Management and Marketing

“I enjoy meeting and connecting to new (and returning) students each semester. I really look forward to those 'aha' moments when a student gets something. I also enjoy the thank you notes and cards afterwards telling me what they specifically liked about my classes or teaching.” Dr. Miller on what excites her about working with students

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, May 2015. Major: Management Science, Organizational Behavior; Minor: Psychology. Dissertation Title: The Effect of Cultural and Emotional Intelligence on Mentor and Protégé Perceptions of Attitude Homophily and Relationship Quality in Culturally Diverse Mentoring Relationships.

Former Human Resource Manager (10+ years), teaching since Fall, 2012.

  • Cultural intelligence
  • Diversity
  • Cross-cultural mentoring
  • Plagiarism
  • Ethics
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