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Eva Gibson

Eva Gibson

Assistant Professor

Psychological Science and Counseling

“I look forward to providing my students with more service-learning opportunities and connecting them to the resources, professionals, and experiences in the community.” Dr. Gibson on what she enjoys about her interactions with students
  • Ed.D., Counselor Supervision & Education, Argosy University
  • M.S., Psychology, Austin Peay State University
  • B.S., Psychology, Austin Peay State University

Dr. Gibson has more than 10 years of school counseling experience and has previously worked with adult mental health facilities, adolescent residential facilities, as well as the Department of Children Services. Prior to joining APSU, she has taught at Tennessee State University as well as Capella University.

Dr. Gibson has worked at the forefront of the state’s push to update the counseling model and standards to better align with national initiatives. She facilitated working sessions for Tennessee counselors to work on this collaboratively and presented on the progress at the state conference. Due to these efforts, the TN State Board of Education approved a full revision of the Comprehensive School Counseling Model of Practice and Student Standards on first reading on July 22, 2016. At the state level, Dr. Gibson served on the Tennessee School Counseling Advisory Committee for a number of years before rotating off. In addition to her role as a counselor and counselor educator, Dr. Gibson has served as the President for the Tennessee School Counselor Association as well as the President of the Tennessee Counseling Association. Dr. Gibson serves on the editorial board for the Professional School Counseling journal and has presented at state and national conferences. As a result of her work with TN school counselors, Dr. Gibson was the recipient of the Tennessee School Counselor of the year award (2017) as well as the Middle Tennessee Middle School Counselor of the Year award (2016). Dr. Gibson represented the state as ASCA’s “2017 Tennessee School Counselor of the Year” during a visit to the White House alongside First Lady Michelle Obama in her final public speech.

School counseling, African American students, cultural competency
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