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Danielle Donelson

Danielle Donelson

Assistant Professor

Languages & Literature

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts - Marietta College
Master of Arts in English Literature - University of Toledo
Doctor of Philosophy in Rhetoric and Writing - Bowling Green State University
Cultural Rhetorics
First Year Composition
Multicultural Literature
Graphic Novels
Gender Studies
Rhetorical Criticism and Theories
Cultural Rhetorics, Decolonial Theories, Decolonial Pedagogies and Trauma-Informed Pedagogies
  • “Making and Taking Space, A Call for Reform: Confronting White Privilege and Cultural Appropriation in Decolonial Conversations." (forthcoming) Decolonial Possibilities. Studies in Writing and Rhetoric (SWP). 2022.
  • “Don’t Fuel the Fire of Hate with our Own Fears.” Post Journal: Jamestown, NY. 20 August 2022.
  • “Blank Stares, Spontaneous Revisions and Food Metaphors: Establishing Connections in the ESOL Classroom through Culturally Relevant Examples.” Ohio Journal of English Language Arts, Fall/Winter, 2015.
  • “Stuck in a Moral Prison: Exploring the Roots of Why Indonesian Students Moralize Literature.” K@ta, December, 2013. http://kata.petra.ac.id/index.php/ing/article/view/18850/18543
  • “Using the Unreliable Narrator to Further Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in the EFL Literature Classroom.” Modern English Teacher, January 2013. https://www.modernenglishteacher.com/the-unreliable-narrator