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Dr. Pilsik Choi

Pilsik Choi

Associate Professor

Management and Marketing

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ('05)
M.A., Michigan State University ('99)
B.A., Sungkyumkwan University ('96) 
Retail Store Choice, Retail Pricing, Green Marketing, Loyalty Programs 

Weisstein, Fei L., Pilsik Choi, and Peter Andersen (2019), "The Role of External Reference Price in Pay-What-You-Want Pricing: An Empirical Investigation across Product Types," Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (ABDC rating: A), 50, 170-178.

Shen, Yingtao, Pilsik Choi, Jin Li, Xin Zhang, and Jidong Han (2019, "How Online Descriptions of Used Goods Affect Quality Assessment and Product Preferences: A Conjoint Study," Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 21 (2), 101-110. 

Choi, Pilsik, Michael L. Harris, Kathryn W. Ernstberger, K. Chris Cox, and Carolyn F. Musgrove (2019), "Strengthening the Competitive Position of Part-Time MBA Programs: An Exploratory Study on MBA Program Choice Factors and Characteristics of Part-Time MBA Students," Journal of Education for Business.

Musgrove, Carolyn F., Pilsik Choi, and K. Chris Cox (2018), “Consumer Perceptions of Green Marketing Claims: An Examination of the Relationships with Type of Claim and Corporate Credibility,” Services Marketing Quarterly (ABDC rating: B), 39 (4), 277 - 292.

Choi, Pilsik (2017), "Constructing a Balanced View of Profit Structure in Grocery Retailing: A Field Illustration Using Accounting Profits and Anchor Category Profits," Management Research Review, 40(7), 726-744. (Lead Article)

Harris, Michael L., Carolyn F. Musgrove, Kathryn W. Ernstberger, K. Chris Cox, and Pilsik Choi (2017), "Differential Effects of Marketing Messages in Online Advertising for an MBA Program," International Journal of Technology and Educational Marketing, 7(1), 15-25 (Corresponding Author)

Choi, Pilsik and Keith S. Coulter (2012), "It's Not All Relative: The Effects of Mental and Physical Positioning of Comparative Prices on Absolute versus Relative Discount Assessments," Journal of Retailing (ABDC rating: A*), 88(4), 512-527. (Corresponding Author)

Coulter, Keith S., Pilsik Choi, and Kent B. Monroe (2012), "Comma N' Cents in  Pricing: The Effects of Auditory Representation Encoding on Price Magnitude Perceptions," Journal of Consumer Psychology (ABDC rating: A), 22 (3), 395-407. [Media Coverage: "Expensive Accessories on a Price Tag: Comma and Cents," strategy+business, November 2, 2012.]