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Kyle Benowitz

Kyle Benowitz

Assistant Professor



Ph.D. University of Georgia (Genetics), 2017

B.A. University of Virginia (Biology), 2012

Genetics, Principles of Biology
Evolutionary genomics, complex traits, insect social behavior
  • Benowitz, K.M., C.W. Allan, B.A. Degain, X. Li, J.A.Fabrick, B.E. Tabashnik, Y. Carriere, L.M. Matzkin. (2022) Novel genetic basis of resistance to Bt toxin Cry1Ac in Helicoverpa zea. Genetics 221: iyac037.

  • Benowitz, K.M., J.M. Coleman, C.W. Allan, L.M. Matzkin. (2020) Contributions of cis- and trans-regulatory evolution to transcriptomic divergence across populations in the Drosophila mojavensis larval brain. Genome Biology and Evolution 12: 1407-1418.

  • Moore, A.J., K.M. Benowitz. (2019) From phenotype to genotype: the precursor hypothesis predicts genetic influences that facilitate transitions in social behavior. Current Opinion in Insect Science 34: 91-96.

  • Benowitz, K.M., E.C. McKinney, C.B. Cunningham, A.J. Moore. (2019) Predictable gene expression related to behavioral variation in parenting. Behavioral Ecology 30: 402-407.

  • Benowitz, K.M., J.M. Coleman, L.M. Matzkin. (2019) Assessing the architecture of Drosophila mojavensis locomotor evolution with bulk segregant analysis. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 9: 1767-1775.

  • Benowitz, K.M., M.E. Sparks, E.C. McKinney, P.J. Moore, A.J. Moore. (2018) Variation in mandible development and its relationship to dependence on parents across burying beetles. Ecology and Evolution 8: 12832-12840.

  • Benowitz, K.M., E.C. McKinney, C.B. Cunningham, A.J. Moore. (2017) Relating quantitative variation within a behavior to variation in transcription. Evolution 71: 1999-2009.