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Rudy B. Baker

Rudy Baker

Assistant Professor

Inst for Nat'l Sec & Military Study


BA, University of California at San Diego
JD, University of Illinois
LLM, University of California at Berkeley
PhD (Political Science), University of Southern California
Roozbeh (Rudy) B. Baker received his legal education at the University of Illinois (JD) and the University of California at Berkeley (LLM), and completed his training as a Political Scientist at the University of Southern California (PhD). Before joining the faculty at Austin Peay State University, Dr. Baker worked at the University of Surrey (School of Law) in the United Kingdom. Dr. Baker has held adjunct / visiting appointments in the United States at Pepperdine University (School of Law), in Bosnia-Herzegovina at the University of East Sarajevo (Faculty of Law), and in Serbia at Union University (Faculty of Law). He has also served as a visiting research fellow at the Institute of Comparative Law in Serbia, and the Institute of International Politics & Economics in Serbia. Outside of academia, Dr. Baker has worked on constitutional / criminal law issues in the Senate of Canada (Opposition Research Office, Progressive-Conservative Party); war crimes / organized crime issues in the U.S. Embassy – Serbia (U.S. Department of Justice Resident Legal Advisor's Office); and WMD counter-proliferation issues in the U.S. Department of Defense (Defense Intelligence Agency). In addition to the English language, Dr. Baker speaks Persian / Farsi, Serbo-Croatian, and some French.
Dr. Baker's areas of expertise center mainly upon courts & judicial politics in a comparative context; international law / international criminal law; comparative constitutional and criminal law; socio-legal studies; democratic transitions; and multi-method research design. Dr. Baker's current research focuses upon the role of transnational epistemic communities in international and domestic norm formation. 

* Downloadable copies of publications available at: http://works.bepress.com/roozbeh_rudy_baker/

Published (Edited Books)

  • (with co-editors Arman Sarvarian, Filippo Fontanelli & Vassilis Tzevelekos) PROCEDURAL FAIRNESS IN INTERNATIONAL COURTS AND TRIBUNALS (London: British Institute of International & Comparative Law 2015).

Published (Book Chapters)

  • “Direct Democracy and European Union Foreign Policy: Lessons from California,” in Ilija Vujačić & Bojan Vranić (Eds.), DECLINE OR ECLIPSE OF DEMOCRACY IN EUROPE’S NEW DEMOCRACIES? (Belgrade: Belgrade University Press 2016)
  • (with co-author Arman Sarvarian) “Procedural Fairness and the Institutional Dynamic: Where We Are and Where We Should Be Going,” in Arman Sarvarian, Rudy Baker, Filippo Fontanelli, & Vassilis Tzevelekos (Eds.), PROCEDURAL FAIRNESS IN INTERNATIONAL COURTS AND TRIBUNALS (London: British Institute of International & Comparative Law 2015).

Published (Articles)

  • “Transnacionalni odnosi i svetska politika: novi pristup,” Međunarodni problemi 75(2): 263-291 (2023). (Serbo-Croatian)
  • “Customary International Law: A Reconceptualization,” Brooklyn Journal of International Law 41(2): 439-489 (2016).
  • “Legal Recursivity and International Law: Rethinking the Customary Element,” Dartmouth Law Journal 14(1): 41-66 (2016).
  • (with co-author Zoran S. Nikolić) “Between Politics and Science: The Dilemma of Reason,” The Journal Jurisprudence 22: 81-99 (2014).
  • “Individualizam i demokratska država,” Diskursi: društvo religija kultura 3: 131-142 (2012). (Serbo-Croatian)
  • “Model Švajcarskog federalizma,” Politička revija 32(2): 157-178 (2012). (Serbo-Croatian)
  • (with co-author Zoran S. Nikolić) “Intelektualci i politika,” Kultura polisa 8: 37-56 (2011). (Serbo-Croatian)
  • “Novi institucionalizam i međunarodni odnosi: korak napred,” Međunarodni problemi 63(3): 343-358 (2011). (Serbo-Croatian)
  • “Customary International Law in the 21st Century: Old Challenges and New Debates,” European Journal of International Law 21(1): 173-204 (2010).
  • “Balancing Competing Priorities: Affirmative Action in the United States and Canada,” Journal of Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems 18(3): 527-543 (2009).
  • “Towards a New Transitional Justice Model: Assessing the Serbian Case,” San Diego International Law Journal 11(1): 171-225 (2009). 
  • “Universal Jurisdiction and the Case of Belgium: A Critical Assessment,” ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law 16(1): 141-167 (2009).
  • “Racial Formation in Quebec: A Legal Retrospective,” Journal of Law in Society 10(1): 1-30 (2008).
  • “Proportionality in the Criminal Law: The Differing American versus Canadian Approaches to Punishment,” University of Miami Inter-American Law Review 39(3): 483-502 (2008).