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Dean's Circle Award

The Dean's Circle Award (formerly Advisory Board Award of Excellence) is presented to graduating students who exemplify professionalism and academic excellence.  This award was developed after the Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award  was discontinued.  In 2018, the award requirements were broadened to include one graduating student from each major. 

Spring 2020   Michael Dove (AFE)
Spring 2020   Hailey Graves (MKT)
Spring 2020   Chloe Estes (MKT)
Spring 2020   Matthew O'Brien (AFE)
Fall 2019   Cathryn Brekken (MKT)
Fall 2019   Whitney Deep (MGT)
Fall 2019   Joshua McLaughlin (FIN)
Fall 2019   Jonathan Powell (ACCT)
Spring 2019   Chrysanna Kolinski Bruce (ACCT)
Spring 2019   Michael Cassady (FIN)
Spring 2019   Rebekah Lambert (MKT)
Spring 2019   Christopher Peterson (MGT)
Fall 2018   John Wiedeman (ACCT)
Fall 2018   Cierra Mendoza (FIN)
Fall 2018   Daniel Korbluh (MGT)
Fall 2018   Alexis Larkins (MKT)
Spring 2018   Benita Holmes (ACCT)
Spring 2018   Haley Carmack (FIN)
Spring 2018   Gilbert Harrison (MGT)
Spring 2018   Bailey Carruth (MKT)
Spring 2018   Jeremy Taylor (MSM)
Spring 2017   Alexandra Perry (AFE)
Spring 2017   Courtney Cousin (MMGB)
Fall 2017   Michael Selig (AFE)
Fall 2017   Zackery Schaaf (MMGB)
Fall 2017   Richard Stevens (MSM)
Spring 2016   Joshua Herbison (AFE)
Spring 2016   Gaby Wibking (MMGB)
Spring 2016   Anthony Gaura (MSM)
Spring 2015   Steven Emery (AFE)
Spring 2015   Travis Glaser (MGT)
2014   William Claytor
2014   Tatsiana Zhyhaliova
2013   Clinton Hauser
2013   Brad Little
2012   Aksana Mathieson
2011       Melissa Kawalick