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ArmyIgnitED 2.0 Deadlines

Soldiers may now request TA for Spring II/B; deadline is March 8, 2023.

Students must pay any outstanding fee balances prior to enrolling in future terms.

ArmyIgnited 2.0 is available for students to set up their accounts and request TA.

Soldiers must establish an Education Goal (select degree plan); select home school; upload their degree file (DegreeWorks pdf from AP One-Stop); and input their APSU Student ID (A00XXXXXX) to fully complete the process.

Soldiers must be advised and then enroll in courses through APSU One-Stop and then access AIED 2.0 to create the TA request and have it approved to confirm their course enrollment. Students will be dropped from their classes without an approved TAR on file in AIED. Students are responsible for paying or coordinating payment (i.e. financial aid) for any student fees not covered by Military Tuition Assistance. Unpaid fees may also result in students being dropped from their classes.   

If you drop a class, you must drop in both APSU One-Stop and AIED 2.0.  Changing classes in One-Stop requires the same changes in AIED to have approvals prior to the 7-day cut off.  If you have questions, please email us at apfortcampbell@apsu.edu.

For FY 21 and 22, any unprocessed/incorrect TARs will eventually migrate to 2.0 for processing; APSU will process once we are able.

Soldiers must be eligible for TA (i.e. no flags, remaining funds for current FY) to be able to use for the upcoming terms. 

If you are an Austin Peay State University student, please contact us at 931-221-1400 or apfortcampbell@apsu.edu for assistance.


Click below for more information on how the new processes with Army TA Work.

- Go to APSU One-Stop; open up Degreeworks

- Save Degreeworks to a pdf file (click printer icon top right corner)

-Go to ArmyIgnitED website

-Open your ArmyIgnitED Dash Board and Select "Tuition Assistance"

-Select "Education Goals" then "Create New Goal"

-Validate Education Level

  • Associates, Bachelor's, or Masters

-Enter "Austin Peay State University"

-Enter Student ID "A00xxxxxx" (mandatory;see your DegreeWorks file)

-Select desired degree program

  • Search for degree title

-Upload your DegreeWorks pdf file

-Complete the required "Virtual Training"

  • Read the requirements
  • Sign the agreement

-Submit Education Goal

-Be advised and cleared to enroll through AP One-Stop

-Register for classes in AP One-Stop and save/print out schedule

-Log into your AIED portal and open "Active Education goals"

-Select "Apply for Funding"

-Create Tuition Assistance Request

  • Verify your Information

-Acknowledge User Agreement

-Verify Education Center and Institution

-Select correct Term/Dates; must match enrollment

-Add Course

  • Search by subject dropdown: ENGL; BIOL;MATH
  • Do not upload manual classes
  • Click "+" to add class

-Select course location: (drop down menu)

  •   On Post / Off Post / Online    

-Select cost for course

  • Military Rate=$250

-Add additional course or hit submit

-Verify courses submitted correctly

  • Note your TA Request ID

-Click "Finish"

- Students must drop or withdraw from enrolled courses through their AP One-Stop and through ArmyIgnitED 2.0.

- We recommend you speak with your professor first to determine the best course of action.

   -  If you drop for military reasons (deployment, call to active duty, etc.), please process the withdrawal recoupment through AIED.  Proper documentation is required.

- Refund rates based upon course completion can be found at Refund Information