Access to entry on Fort Campbell
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Access on Base

Not every student or faculty member has a Military I.D. to get on base. If you don't, we can help you get one! Check below to see the process.


Although entry to Fort Campbell is restricted, students may obtain access by presenting the proper documentation at the Visitors Center located at Gate 4.  The required documents include driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.  Initial entry access is obtained on a daily basis, but once a student has registered and confirmed for classes at the FCC, a pass for the entire term may be issued.  The paperwork to obtain this term pass is available from the APC @ FTC administration office (Army Education Center, Building 202, Office 140) in the Army Education Center prior to the beginning of the term.  Those with a drivers license from the following states will need to present a second form of ID: Kentucky, Maine, Montana and Oklahoma.

Our campus turns requests in monthly, the first Friday following the first Monday of each month.  The entire process can take up to a week to complete.

These will be year long passes for faculty that will need to be renewed every year. 

Send the following information to full name, DL number and state of issue.