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The Socrates Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Socrates Award for Excellence in Teaching is given for outstanding teaching for tenure- track faculty members who have not yet received tenure and is presented at the annual fall faculty meeting. There are a maximum of five recipients each year. The recipients must have at least one year of APSU's student-teacher evaluations. Non-tenured department chairs are also eligible. In addition to being outstanding teachers, the candidates' academic advising, research, and creative activities that clearly support excellence in teaching will also be considered. Recipients will not be eligible to win during the next two calendar years.

Nominations are made within departments and are forwarded to one of five established selection committees, the:

  1. College of Arts and Letters;
  2. College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  3. College of Behavioral and Health Sciences
  4. College of Business
  5. College of Education, Library; and faculty who are not assigned to specific academic units

will constitute the five units, each of which will field a Socrates Award winner, provided there is a suitable awardee.

The individuals receiving the majority of the vote of the selection committee shall be recommended to the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. The award is presented at the Fall Faculty Meeting. This award shall consist of $1,000 in faculty professional development funds or a $1,000 check to the recipient (choice made by recipient) and an engraved plaque with the recipient's name inscribed. The plaque will be displayed in the foyer of the Browning Administration Building. 

Past recipients of the Socrates Award for Excellence in Teaching are: 

2023   Michael Chandler, Erik Haroldson, Leslie Binford, Brandon Di Paolo Harrison, Donna Short
2022   Florian Gargaillo, Catherine Haase, Jessica Fripp
2021   Eva Gibson, Talon Beason, Rebecca Darrough
2020   James Church, Dzavid Dzanic, Jennifer Thayer
2019   Mollie Cashner, McLean Fahnestock, Kathryn Woods
2018   Kallina Dunkle, Katherine Honea, Gloria Miller
2017   Tara Alvey, Timothy Wesley, Jennifer Yantz
2016   Korre Foster, Melissa Gomez, Rodney Mills
2015   Kristen Hershey, Andrea Spofford, Jane Semler
2014   Osvaldo Di Paolo, Timothy Leszczak, John Nicholson
2013   Lynn Sims, Eric Branscome, Grace Moodt, Rebecca Johansen
2012   Lisa O'Dear Lewis, Jeannette Zyko, Christopher Gentry
2011   Benita Bruster, Mercy Cannon, Christina Chester-Fangman, David Nelson, Michelle Rogers
2010   Christos Frentzos, Karen McFarland Meisch, James Gary Stewart
2009   Gregory Moore, Kevin Schultz, Minoa Uffelman
2008   Gina Jo Garber, Norbert Puszkar, Tamara Michelle Robertson
2007   Chad Brooks, Brian J. Hock, Blas Falconer
2006   Gilbert Pitts, Anne Wall, Gregory Wolynec
2005   Spencer Buckner, Dwonna Goldstone, Uma Janardana Iyer
2004   Nomination and presentation moved to same calendar year
2003   Robin Reed, Jordy Rocheleau, Patti Wilson
2002   Jill Eichhorn, Alex King, Jerry Plummer, Omie Shepherd
2001   Connie Mefford-Bowman, Rhonda M. Bryant, John X. Volker
2000   Susan Simms, Timothy Winters, Faye Zeigler
1999   Anne Black, Anne Edwards, David O'Drobinak, April Purcell
1998   Margaret Duffy, John Mark Hunter, Carolyn O'Drobinak, Jaime Taylor
1997   Doris Davenport, Mark Ginn, Barry Kitterman, Larry Lowrance
1996   Kell Black, Joyce A. Jarrett-Hargrove, Don Luck, Mickey Wadia
1995   Susan Calovini, Kathy Martin, Stephanie Newport, Ronald Robertson
1994   Linda A. Barnes, Michael D. Phillips, Nanci S. Woods
1993   Judith Bartley, Nell K. Rayburn, Marilyn Rhoads, Lori L. Slavin

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Socrates Award, please contact:

Cheryl Lambert, Faculty Honors and Awards Committee Chair
Email: lambertc@apsu.edu